Bird Buddy Update

A Gilded Flicker who visited my Bird Buddy feeder.

I received a notification to update my Bird Buddy AI feeder. That’s when the trouble began. The update stopped halfway through the process. I read the instructions on the app. It said to press the on button until you got a flashing green light. I pressed and got a red flashing light.

Then the app said my bird feeder was offline. I spent the better part of a day fiddling with it. In order to do the update, the helpful notes said to fully charge the camera unit.

I brought the Bird Buddy inside, unscrewed the camera and plugged it in for hours.

I won’t go through all the things I tried repeatedly. But I finally decided I should do a factory reset. I was quite upset, because the Bird Buddy has given me lots of joy the past few weeks. I’d be frustrated to have it break already.

I wrote about Bird Buddy HERE and posted bird photos on Thanksgiving.

The Bird Buddy has to pair with Bluetooth on your phone. It also has to be connected to WiFI. I couldn’t get either to work. It worked until I tried the update.

Fortunately, the app has a troubleshooting tab and I went through the steps. It turns out I had inadvertently done a factory reset by pressing the button too long — getting the red flashing light.

I had to unpair the Bird Buddy from my Bluetooth and remove my feeder from the App. Then I started over as if it was a new feeder and Voila! It works again.

I bought a Bird Buddy for my soon to be 91-year-old dad. I will set it up for him and hopefully he won’t have issues with updates!

With electronic devices, are you handy at figuring them out or do you let someone else in your family fix issues? What frustrates you about electronics?

A Curve-Billed Thrasher.

17 thoughts on “Bird Buddy Update

  1. My reasoning is to keep tech to a minimum. Not because I can’t figure it out but because I don’t want a bunch of expensive gadgets that constantly need updates, or need fixing for some ridiculous reason, or only decide to function by forcing you to upgrade constantly or worse- buy a new model every year. I love a lot about technology, but I also won’t sell my soul to it just to be connected night and day or be told life is only better with the newest device.

    • I agree with you. We have a desktop Mac that’s going on 12 years. It still works. We have newer laptops, but why replace that one if it’s working? Also, I don’t get a new iphone until mine dies. It may be five to seven years. My dad has purchased just about every one that comes out!

  2. The Bird Buddy is super cool! Glad you figured things out. Computer glitches used to send me into meltdown and ultra drama, but I’ve learned to calm down and work through the issues. Call tech support if all else fails and can’t find an answer on Google. I’ve always been pretty good at tech, but it’s gotten to be so powerful that I learn what I need to get things done and skip the bells and whistles. Some of them turn out to be really cool, but someone else has to point them out to me.

    • I understand the drama and meltdowns. I reacted that way too. I think calming down comes with experience that it’s not the end of the world and we can work through it.

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