What is going on Arizona?

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I was so excited about voting for the first time in Arizona. But now I’m not happy. As of Thursday, less than 70% of the ballots have been counted.

We don’t know the outcome. I remember knowing who won elections by 8 or 9 p.m. for decades.

There were 70 out of 223 polling places that had issues with tabulators and printers. How did that happen?

Unfortunately, I am losing confidence in the election results. I wish they’d at least give hourly updates of the vote count. But they are releasing one vote count at 6 p.m. each day. Then to confuse things even more, some reporters are releasing counts, but where are they getting the information? All day Wednesday they counted and they only added 6% to the vote count. Now Maricopa County announced they have 400,000 outstanding ballots and won’t finish counting them until sometime next week!

What is going on?

Do you have confidence in your state elections? Were there any snafus or weird stuff going on like in Arizona?

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  1. They need to sort out and trash the red votes. Funny how billion dollar lottery results are instantly available, and they can INSTANTLY scan half a trillion entries to determine if there is a winner, but a political vote takes weeks to count. The fix? Midnight deadline. Period. Be done, or explain to your state voters why their vote no longer counts. Results posted at 0001 AM. That leaves nearly all day to let computers tally electronic votes.

  2. Here in South Dakota we had all the results before I went to bed (which I admit was later….around 11pm) I voted early and we requore voter ID which simplifies everything. I think there is definitely something odd in AZ. When one of the candidates is the one in charge of election integrity, I think that doesn’t bode well. Also, why in the world would they print ballots on election day instead of having to print them that day? It certainly doesn’t instill confidence. Hopefully we will know the results soon,but I heard it will most likely be next week. 🙄

  3. This is one reason why I’m pulling for one of the gubernatorial candidates over the other. She has promised to look into, and fix, the broken voting system in AZ. The longer I have to wait to know if she wins, the more I hope she does!

  4. I had trouble voting because you have to sign an iPad thing. My signature is not the same do do carpal, arthritis, etc…almost couldn’t vote….

  5. I don’t have an issue with our voting in CA. I do think there should be a more consistent way between all the states. We got our ballots a few weeks before the election, filled them out and dropped them in the nearby box. I got a text that said my vote was received and counted. Easy.

      • I think they should start counting as soon as the ballots come in. Some states wait until after the election to count. They don’t have to tell what the numbers are, just count them!

      • I agree with you 100%. The County Officials where I live are upset with the criticism of their late counting. But it’s more than that. Close to a third of the machines went down on election day and printers ran out of ink with no backup cartridges. They should be critiqued so they can fix the system.

    • In CO, we have the same process. Plus a week before the ballets we get a 100 page booklet explaing all the pros adn cons of ballet initiatives – no more guessing. It works great, no stress

  6. I completely agree, we still have races here in California that haven’t been determined! I do not understand all the delays? This was not the case in the past. So what’s different? I have no idea. Hugs, C

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