COVID on my mind

Rainy day
The backyard where I’m hanging out in isolation.

I was talking to my son on the phone and he didn’t sound well. He sounded congested and he was coughing.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m pretty sure it’s allergies,” he said. “But I’ve had trouble breathing at night for the past few days.”

After he hung up the phone with me, he called back to say he had taken a COVID test and he tested positive.

I told him to call his doctor and he said he would, and he had to call other people like his PT that he had been around in the past day or two.

Because he has asthma, he is a high risk COVID patient. The doctor gave him an RX for an experimental antiviral. Currently, he’s in bed miserable. I’m hoping the drug kicks in soon and he shows improvement. Yes, I’m worried.

Next, I got a phone call from the mother of the bride from the wedding we went to on the weekend. She sounded awful and said she tested positive for COVID too. While we were at the wedding, we talked to one guest from overseas who said his wife traveled all the way for the wedding only to test positive that morning. So she was in bed and flew halfway around the world for nothing. I’ve heard of a few other people who came down with it, too.

A neighbor called and asked me out for lunch. I told her I will wait a few days. I don’t feel like I have COVID, but on the other hand, I’ve been exposed. I think the polite thing is to stay in for a few days and make sure I’m not coming down with it and test.

My book club was cancelled this week due to the hostess having COVID rebound.

It seems weird to be this far along from 2020 and have the pandemic rear it’s ugly head.

Have you heard of an uptick in COVID lately? Or is it just the people around me?

30 thoughts on “COVID on my mind

  1. Yes. B4 and B5 variants have apparently joined forces to create a new mutation. But as I’ve stated before it’s not going anywhere, so we have to adapt, keep up our immune systems and carry on.

  2. I think the numbers of cases are inaccurate as so many people do not report the positive results when they take a home test. I have no doubt COVID is still active everywhere but the focus has now switched to personal responsibility. For susceptible people like your son, much like any respiratory virus, (the flu) that means an ongoing vigilance regarding protection and immunizations. Viruses mutate, so COVID is here to stay. I hope your son is doing better soon.

    • Yes, I agree. When his office reopened he was one of the only ones to work remotely. Everyone who went into the office got Covid. A few months later he got it. I think there’s no stopping the virus, just like a flu or cold.

  3. Alas Bleuwater, I have a feeling you would be worried about your kids if they had a splinter that was hurting. It is a good-maternal trait to have, and we need more of it. BUT, on that note, I am not surprised about the uptick in cases. November is only 5 months away.

  4. I’ve been hearing of more and more cases. I’m not sure there’s an end in sight right now. I hope everyone who is affected is feeling better.

  5. I agree, we are always going to be worried about our kids, no matter what. Yesterday my son and I went to the Giants game on the train. I took a mask with me and wore it on the train and when going to the bathroom at the ballpark but fortunately there were few people sitting near us at either the game or on the train. I was in the minority with wearing of masks but I don’t care. I’m going to continue to do my part to help stop the spread AND to keep myself protected. I’ve had 4 shots so far and will continue to get boosters when they recommend.

  6. It seems to me that COVID is something we will be living with for the conceivable future. Not so great for those of us who struggle with asthma. Sending up some prayers for your son and hope he recovers quickly. It’s so confusing knowing what is responsible and what is excessive when it comes to travel and socializing. I tend to live maybe too close to the edge but most of the people I associate with have been in my bubble for years. Hope you stay well. Hugs, C

    • COVID crossed my mind on our drive to the wedding. We went to the sister’s wedding in February 2020 and the father of the groom ended up in the hospital on a ventilator. I wondered if it was a good idea to go this past weekend, because so many guests were coming from overseas. Then I thought, COVID is going away, I’m being paranoid. Thank you for your kind thoughts about my son! The Paxlovid is helping.

  7. I’m glad your son is responding well to treatment. I know more people getting Covid now that I did the past two years! Most are not getting too sick and none hospitalized. I do agree with other comments that this is just another virus we’re going to be living with from now on.

    • My son was very sick until he took Paxlovid. He got better and now has the rebound COVID This isn’t going away, we will have to learn to live with it.

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