Sights from home and beyond

After spending the weekend in Riverside, Calif. and going to a wedding at a winery in Temecula, we noticed a few cacti in our yard in full bloom. We had rain the night before we left Arizona and apparently the rain continued through the weekend. I think that’s why we were treated to gorgeous blooms

hedge hog cactus with red bloms.
A hedge hog cactus in bloom in one of our planters.

Palm Springs Wind farm on Interstate 10
The wind farm outside of Palm Springs.

We drove past our old stomping grounds of Palm Springs on the freeway. I thought I’d feel nostalgic or sadness after living there for 28 years. But no, I was thinking “Thank goodness we got out of here!” That was a surprise. I was even happier to get back to Arizona and home.

downtown Riverside.
We stayed downtown Riverside in a hotel we used to stay at with our kids for swim meets. This is a shady street that is blocked off to cars and filled with restaurants and shops.

Riverside County Courthouse
There are beautiful buildings in downtown Riverside. This is the County Courthouse.
Sculptures outside a taco restaurant that was closed when we walked by. I definitely would have stopped if it was open. It’s called Tio’s Tacos.

The wedding venue was beautiful with gorgeous views of vineyards, rolling hills and mountains. We enjoyed the surprise of being seated with our children’s former teammate, family and swim coach. It’s fun to get together with people we spent so much time with years ago when swimming was a major focus in our lives.

Villa de Amore Temecula wedding venue
Villa de Amore, the wedding venue at a winery in Temecula, California.
Shannon with Maureen's sisters
One of my favorite photos from before the wedding. One of our kids’ swim teammates is photographed with the mother of the bride’s sisters, who flew to the wedding from Singapore.
bride and groom at wedding
The bride and groom before the pastor announced “husband and wife.” The bride was one of my kids’ swim teammates, too.
wedding friends
Sitting with our old friends from the swim team. It felt like a reunion and we talked about having one in the future.

It was a fun, busy weekend with most of the time spent driving. But I was happy to get back home to Arizona and my cat Olive.

How do you feel when you return home from a trip? Are you relieved to be back to your own home, or do you long for more vacation?

20 thoughts on “Sights from home and beyond

  1. Looks like fun. Love those sculptures outside the taco place and I don’t even like Mexican food. Yes, always nice to be home, especially after a long drive. Gorgeous color on the blooms.

  2. Arizona offers a really good alternative to Palm Springs, and maybe that is why there was no nostalgia. To answer the end question, there are very few greater feelings then to return home after being elsewhere, and for me, that “elsewhere” includes the local grocery store. There is just to much comfort in closing the door and being able to shut out all the crap going on.

  3. After coming home from Colorado last week I have been itching to go anywhere again- soon! That’s not my typical reaction but I think it’s tied to being stuck for so long with Covid restrictions.

  4. I agree with theearthspins. It is nice to get out but I like returning home. I am glad I travelled a lot when I was younger and in great shape and times were easier to get about. I enjoy my time on short trips away.

    • I am surprised at how attached I am to my new home. It’s a nice feeling to come home. You are a world traveller. We are hoping to travel when my husband retires, but we’re already hurting.

      • Mike and I have travelled to many places in different capacities. We hope to travel together again one day soon! Perhaps a travel trailer or by boat. I wrenched my hip but the VA cannot find arthritis or anything wrong with it which is a good thing! I just limp a little. Hoping it will be better by the end of next month.

  5. We’ve been getting a lot of cactus flowers this year, too. The trip sounds fun, but busy. That height disparity – my goodness!

    I am always happy to get home from a trip.

    • The blooms are gorgeous but they only last for a day or two. Yes, that photo made me laugh. Shannon is 6 feet tall, the sisters are well under five feet. I love coming home, too!

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