The Cactus Doctor is coming

fallen saguaro
Our fallen saguaro in the back yard.

Diid you know that doctors still make house calls? At least the Cactus Doctor does. He’s scheduled to come to our house Saturday to take a look at our fallen saguaro.

A few days ago I was sitting by the window, typing on my laptop when I watched the saguaro quiver, shake and jump three feet and fall in a giant “T-I-M-B-E-R!!!!” I wrote about it HERE.

The doctor is a biologist that studies cacti. He is coming out to diagnose our saguaro. But he doesn’t treat them. He’ll take a look at our other dozen saguaros as well.

After we get a diagnosis from the doctor — we then have to hire someone else to treat what ails them. If it’s a bacteria, we’ll have that treated. If it was too much rain or freezing temps, we may have the saguaro replanted. If it can be replanted we’ll have to invest in a contraption to support the few thousand pounds of weight. If it’s beyond repair we’ll need to hire someone to haul it off. Or maybe we’ll let it deteriorate in the backyard and save it’s “bones.”

The skeletons of saguaros are sold in art galleries for thousands of dollars. I could have my own sculpture in my living room someday — free of charge. (Except for the house call by the Cactus Doctor. And whatever treatment he prescribes.

Who knew you needed to hire a doctor for a diagnosis — and then a technician for the treatment? This is new territory for us. The saguaro are so iconic and majestic I think it’s worth it to save this one.

chart of saguaro growth
This chart explains how old our saguaro is. Our is 9′ 6″ so around my age I guess.

Have you ever paid a professional to take care of your plants or trees? What was the reason? Would you hire a plant doctor?

23 thoughts on “The Cactus Doctor is coming

  1. When I was a homeowner we hired tree trimmers to do the job correctly, but other than that no real need I suppose. Cactus would be another issue entirely though. I’ve killed every single little indoor barrel cactus anyone has ever given me. Same with all those “easy grow” succulents. I am an over-water killer.

  2. I routinely destroy plants in our house. However, I don’t want to jinx myself but I do have one plant I’ve managed to keep alive for almost a year and I just added another!! But if I owned a house with land I think I would consider hiring someone to help

  3. Yes, we had to hire someone much like your guy, to tell us our huge Ash tree in our front yard was dying of Ashbore beetle infestation. It was terminal, no way to save it. Another company came and cut it down a few days ago, which made us both sad. That old tree provided much needed shade for the hottest side of our house.

  4. Sagas like this are among the many reasons I do not want to be a homeowner. I was even able to kill stuff I’d planted myself in Huntington Beach. I’d already given up on houseplants by then.

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