To juice or blend?

I talked to one of my friends who is a former nutritionist from Loma Linda hospital about plant-based diets. She said she and her husband decided to try it and one of the helpful things she found is juicing. It’s interesting that they are going mainly plant-based because her husband is a big hunter and their freezer (and mine) are stocked with venison and other game. He also free dives for lobster and fish. (Somehow when they’ve given me lobster, it never makes it to the freezer!)

I’m not 100% plant-based. I’m hypoglycemic and my body craves protein — in the form of chicken, beef and fish. But I’m trying to cut down on meat, so I thought juicing would be a good way to get more fruits and vegetables into my body.

Then my son said juicing removes fiber. He recommended blending. I googled the pros and cons of each and decided to try a blender, too. After a little bit more research I settled on a Ninja blender.

Ninja blender for smoothies.
My Ninja.

After my morning walks, I am now making fruit smoothies. I haven’t gotten into the green drinks — yet.

Here’s the recipe I threw together for a start. It’s delicious! Normally I don’t measure, but my husband is using an app to track calories so he asked me to.

1/2 cup almond milk

1/4 cup cran raspberry juice

1/4 cup Vanilla yogurt

1 banana

1/2 cup frozen peaches

1/2 cup frozen strawberries


It is so refreshing but not filling enough for me for breakfast. So, it’s more a pre-breakfast snack.

I almost forgot to take a picture of the finished product, sorry for the half full pic.

peach strawberry smoothie
Peach strawberry banana smoothie.

Do you prefer blending or juicing? Or neither? If you do like smoothies, can you suggest some recipes or your favorite drinks to try? What is your favorite breakfast?

13 thoughts on “To juice or blend?

  1. I used to blend but have found that its easier to consume so many more calories with smoothies than just eating that piece of fruit. When I do make smoothies occasionally, I add in spinach or kale with fruit to make a green smoothie..

  2. You’re going to laugh…I was given a Ninja blender, and I struggled with the lid. So I donated it. GAH.

    I need to get a Hamilton Beach blender or something simple. High-tech culinary utensils are just not meant for me. 🙂

    But I do enjoy a good smoothie. The more healthy stuff they can sneak in without anyone knowing, the better!

  3. I’m not a huge blended drink fan, I like to chew my food in general, but love a good coalescing of limeade, vodka and ice on a hot day! My friend is really into the smoothies and substitutes a meal for a green blended drink almost daily. I’m not sold yet? Maybe in my future when I’ve lost all my teeth? Cheers, C

  4. LOVE my NINJA like yours.

    I also have a Breville juicer. I juice celery, parsley and cilantro. I will add some juice and water to the Ninja and then add lemon, spinach or kale and whirl it good. That way I get some fiber. I have found that celery is always best juiced.

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