Highlights of My Berkeley Week

I spent the week in Berkeley taking care of my son post surgery and hanging out with my daughter and my son’s girlfriend. I thought I’d have lots of time to write. I had two projects I thought I would make a dent in. Turns out I forgot about them all together. Between driving to the store for dry ice, ice, sweet cherries and walking to a local restaurant for chicken congee, I was out of time.

Hibiscus tree
This caught my eye walking to my son’s apartment.

I assisted my daughter as she replaced my son’s kitchen faucet. Boy, was I impressed she knew how to do that! I helped with laundry, trash and dishes duties. Plus, I helped my son with his sling, ice machine and meds and kept him hydrated and fed.

Pyeong Chang Oakland
A poster of a NY Times write up at the entrance of the best Korean restaurant I’ve ever been to.

The weather was gorgeous. I stayed in a cute airbnb that was one mile and a pretty walk to and from my son’s. I was two blocks from the Gourmet Ghetto, which is a fabulous place to eat. I had kimchee pancakes for the first time and the best Korean food I’ve ever had at Pyeyong Changand the best Thai food at Daughter Thai, both in Oakland.

blue door and chairs at airbnb Berkeley
The entrance to my airbnb.

Twice my son and I attempted to hike Indian Rock. The first time was too soon and he had been off pain meds for 36 hours. That was a painful walk back to his house for him — and me! We made it yesterday and the views were spectacular. But we thought wisely to skip the actual climb up the rock and instead opted for the viewpoint in the park on the ground.

Daughter Thai Oakland
Inside Daughter Thai — gorgeous restaurant and delicious food.

Now I’m sitting in the airport, ready to board my flight home.

Here are some more of my photos from the week:

My son and his girlfriend at Indian Rock Park.
Indian Rock Park Berkeley
View from Indian Rock Park of San Francisco.
Pug sitting for treat.
My daughter giving Waffles his morning treat at a coffee shop on our way to the airport.

10 thoughts on “Highlights of My Berkeley Week

  1. I love these pictures! I’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco, particularly that part of the city. I enjoy “visiting” cities through the lens of my writer friends. 🙂

    Are you all settled in at home now?

    • I did reply this morning and it disappeared. I hope this isn’t a duplicate! I enjoyed exploring Berkeley exclusively. Usually on my visits, we go to see many sights. That’s wonderful, but because of my son’s surgery I was able to experience his and my daughter’s neighborhood more in depth. I felt like a local rather than a tourist. I gave my Alcatraz tour ticket to his girlfriend so she could have some fun with my daughter before being solo in post op surgery care.

      • When I comment on your blog, it always tells me my comment is a duplicate! LOL

        I love the feeling of being a local while visiting a strange city. I think Airbnb’s are great for that kind of experience.

        I’m so glad you were able to go and help out. I’m sure he appreciated it. 🙂

      • I get that duplicate comment on other blogs. I wonder why? Yes, my son was very appreciative to have me there. And I did a ton of cleaning!

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