One of those days…

This tree is blooming in our courtyard. My husband thought it was dead when we moved in December and was going to have it removed. I insisted he wait until spring or summer to see what happens. I was right.

We had to replace an air conditioner last week. Our handyman who is the best, specializes in AC repair and installation. I asked if I could pay him with Venmo. He said to use Zelle. I’ve only used Zelle a few times before with our handyman in Palm Springs.

I paid him with Zelle six days ago.This morning he called me and said he never got the money. I checked my account online and the money left my account. I took a screen shot to show him. It showed it going to him. He called me back later to tell me that he called his WF bank and there was no trace of the money.

I called my WF bank — actually 800 number — and they saw the money going out, but they don’t know where it went. I filed a claim and they said they’d get my money back into my account within 10 days.

I called our handyman back to update him. I also told him I’d pay him using Venmo. After three times of Venmo declining my payment, I decided to send a little money to my daughter to test it out. Venmo worked going to her. I tried Venmoing the handyman again and it was declined. Maybe it has something to do with the claim I filed.

I gave up. I wrote him a check and addressed an envelope the old fashioned way. I have spent the last three hours dealing with this and I’m very frustrated. That’s why I’m posting some flowers I noticed earlier today. They are a bright spot during my aggravating fight with technology.

What recent technology frustrations have you dealt with?

These blue flowers are lovely and are right next to our driveway.

23 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. I am glad your plant came back to life! I have trouble with google docs (in answer to your question). I keep making changes and resolving and then when I return I see the same remarks. It is frustrating. Evidently, I need more information on working compatibly with google docs!

    • I have the same issues. I have a manuscript of a mid grade novel with all the editors comments. I may ask one of my kids for help. They used google docs in college.

  2. My husband recently lost his debit card and went into the bank to get a new one.

    He had to make a telephone call to verify his identity, and he expected to answer a bunch of security questions, but he didn’t need to.

    The customer service rep. said that they had already identified him through voice identification !

    Since then, I’ve been researching voice cloning, and the potential for cybercrime with this latest technology…. ⚘

  3. My daughter told me that you’re no longer allowed to use Venmo for services….but to your question…tech often annoys me

  4. I’m new to Upwork. Trying to apply for freelance content writing and editing jobs, but it’s very frustrating. My laptop is slow because it is old and I can’t get a new one yet and the wifi is slow and I’m not yet accustomed to applying to jobs yet. It’s pretty frustrating to me but I submitted 2 proposals so far

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