“What’s the point?”

Statue outside a gallery in Old Town Scottsdale
Statue in Old Town Scottsdale

“What’s the point?” my husband asked yesterday morning. “I’m starting to lose my patience with this.”

“We are taking a walk, exploring Old Town,” I answered more than a little frustrated.

Sugar Bowl ice cream shoppe
The famed Sugar Bowl often seen in the comic “Family Circle.”

What a different approach we have. It was Memorial Day morning and we drove to Old Town Scottsdale to get our steps and take in some new scenery besides the saguaro cactus in our own neighborhood. I was content to walk through the streets without a destination. My husband, on the other hand, wanted to know where we were going. He cannot aimlessly wander.

I thought maybe he was getting hangry so I googled breakfast spots in Old Town on my iphone. I had a destination for us to walk to and he was a happy camper. Although in reality, we weren’t doing anything different than before. We were walking around town, looking in windows, stopping to take photos.

Outside the cafe we found for coffee and breakfast.
Schmooze sign Old Town Scottsdale
We stopped at Schmooze Cafe and all was good. It was around the corner from where we parked the car.
Cowboy sign in Old Town Scottsdale
Main Street in Old Town Scottsdale.

Do you need a destination for your walks and exploration — or can you aimlessly wander like me?

Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza Horse Statue
Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza

15 thoughts on ““What’s the point?”

  1. I have no trouble just wandering aimlessly and have been known to get totally lost but my husband likes destinations even on bike rides. I wonder if most men are like this.

  2. Maybe it is a woman thing, because I can wander aimlessly sometimes, other times I want to go shopping and get what I wanted and go home. My husband will wander with me most of the time, but like me he can just want to go home. If it is super crowded, we both want to bolt!

  3. ๐Ÿ’œ NOW!!! That’s a Really Sustainable Relationship, Get “Frustrated” then Figure Out a Solution; so, PLEASE PAY FUCKING ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! I AM NOT YELLING!!! or AM I ๐Ÿค” ?


  4. I love wandering and getting lost in the moment, however, having a goal, eventually, is usually my speed. Iโ€™ll pick a destination, but take my time getting there, if that makes sense. But my husband and daughter arenโ€™t big on the wandering around

  5. My husband is getting better at wandering aimlessly, but I do wonder if it is a male/female thing. Which is kind of sad, really. Why would it be? I am digging deeper into that than probably need be.

    I love your pictures. I’ve never been to Arizona. Several of its towns are on my bucket list.

  6. I am absolutely Team Wanderer. Fortunately, my husband – for the most part – is too. That being said, if there is food waiting at some point during the wandering, he is happier. We have an Old Town here too… thanks for the reminder to plan a wander session there before the tourists descend.

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