Update on updates

Olive is not convinced this harness and leash is a good idea.

The updates all began because my husband’s wallet went missing in action last Friday. We didn’t even leave the house, but poof! It’s gone. So we cancelled the debit card, the credit card, ordered a new driver’s license, etc.

Then I started getting notifications of charges not going through that were attached to the missing card we cancelled.

Yesterday, I tried to update the payment method on our Apple account. It didn’t work. I went to Apple support and was instructed to update my iphone. In order to do that, I first had to update to MacOS Big Sur on my laptop. To do that, I need to open up 100 gb or so of space. It went on and on.

This morning with everything updated — and backed up — I discovered that my passwords didn’t transfer to the new operating system. I couldn’t get email. Couldn’t log into WordPress (you can see I figured that one out.) I was locked out of my Google account and Facebook. I wondered whether I should create a new password for FB or maybe this is a blessing in disguise?

I still can’t update the payment method on our Apple account. It turns out we are on a family sharing plan — and my son is listed as the account manager — with my husband’s cancelled credit card. And the email address for my son is the one he used as a 12 year old! UGH!

As far as Olive’s update: the harness and leash arrived last night. I had no problem putting it on her, but then she totally freaked out and ran under the bed, through the living room back to the bedroom and hid in our closet. Then flattened like a pancake and wouldn’t move. I could pick her up and transport her to the bed and she laid flat. I put her on the patch of grass in the living room we got for her and she laid there lifeless.

cat in harness on Fresh Patch kitty grass
Olive on the Fresh Patch kitty pack

Then she disappeared. I eventually found the kitty on the top shelf of my closet. For not being able to move in the harness, a miracle must have happened.

Eventually I took her out of the harness for the evening and she calmed down. I tried it on her again this morning. I held her as I opened up the screen door and we sat outside for a while. She seemed fascinated with the fresh air, the smells, watching the birds fly. She was content to sit on my lap. Then she ventured down to the ground and the leash upset her. She pulled away and ran around the corner of our house. I got worried she was going to slip out of the harness while I held onto the leash for dear life. I opened the screen door to our bedroom and she reversed course and ran under the bed. I got the leash off, she is safe inside but still wearing the harness. I can’t find her and haven’t seen her for three hours.

UPDATE ON “UPDATE OF UPDATE:” I searched the house for Olive all day long. She’s been missing since 8 a.m. and we were going on 11 hours. I was calling her. Having the flashlight mode on my camera. Looking into every nook and cranny. Couldn’t find her. I found a can of salmon canned kitty food that I made a production of opening for her throughout the house (she eats Friskies dry Ocean Fish Flavor). I searched everywhere. Many times. Once I thought I found her in the Casita closet. But alas, it was my daughter’s fur-topped Sorel snow boots from her years at Utah U.

Olive was still in the harness/vest that distresses her. Her angry mode is still weighing down on her.

After my dinner my husband said, “I’ll find her. Or leave her alone and she’ll come out of hiding.” He found her next to the Sorel boots in the Casita closet. What a smart Camo Kitty.

cat on top shelf of closet.
Olive on the closet top shelf.

13 thoughts on “Update on updates

  1. I hope you find it. My husband lost his wallet once at the ATM. He thought he threw it back in the car and he hadn’t. Now, I kind of check his card…funny….didn’t you have that intruder on your land?

    • The intruder was at our old house. Thankfully it’s just wildlife here, bobcats and coyotes. We keep thinking the wallet will turn up. It’s really unnerving isn’t it? We spent an entire day tearing apart the house and retracing all our steps from the day before.

      • I have had that happen to me. I will tear through everything until I find it. I enjoy seeing the pictures of wildlife. The bobcat was beautiful! I hope you find the wallet.

  2. What a horrendous thing to happen and try to fix. Have been there, but not so hard to fix. Re: Kitty, I am sorry to say, I don’t blame her, but eventually she will calm down and when she discovers she has freedom outdoors, she may calm down and sort of like it.

    • It’s a pain and I still haven’t solved the Apple payment issue, but I’ll get there. I haven’t seen kitty all day. I have a feeling she’s really mad!

  3. ๐Ÿ’œ Listen to Pets with ALL of YOUR!!! Senses EveryOne; the Control Freak WILL!!! Delete This Too and that’s OK


  4. I see a pattern developing here.. The mysterious nail in the dog’s head..the missing wallet…the pictures of Olive. ..I’m telling ya, she ate it. ๐Ÿ˜‚

      • Our most recent cat always had an innocent “huh?” look on his face, our previous cat looked like Olive..he had that look..that “I did it, you can’t prove it and what would you do about it anyway?..” look. ๐Ÿ˜‚

      • Olive occasionally has the โ€œarenโ€™t I the most pretty kittyโ€ beauty contestant look. The rest of the time, exactly how you described.

      • She’s adorable..I miss having a cat, I think my dog would love the company. My husband, on the other hand, he doesn’t miss the litter box. I keep telling him, we need to invent a litter alternative, then we could not only have a cat again, but we’d be rich!

      • We didnโ€™t deal with the litter box when the kitty was indoor/outdoor. I agree that you need to come up with an invention! Iโ€™ll buy it!

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