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cat harness for sale on amazon

I ordered this harness and leash for my kitty Olive. It arrives today. I don’t know if it’s going to work, but I’d love to let Olive experience the outdoors, safely. It took me 30 minutes to measure the cat with a tape measure to get her size, so I’m not expecting much success with this. Maybe we should stick to the catio idea — if only someone would reply to our calls build one. The problem is an outdoor enclosure for kitty isn’t a big enough job for someone to do. There is the DIY option, but my husband and I aren’t that handy.

So back to the SEO soup. I texted the screen shot above to my daughter. Olive was her cat until she took off for college and left the cat with me. Then she got Waffles the pug — and the two didn’t hit it off to put it mildly.

My daughter replied to my text with “I love how the product title is just SEO soup.”

“I don’t know what that means,” I said.

“SEO is search engine optimization. So to show up more in searches you use a ton of keywords and all possible alternate titles. So that product title isn’t just cat harness, it’s that paragraph looking thing,” she explained.

I get it now. I learned something new. SEO soup.

pug profile
Waffles on his first visit to our new home. Olive’s claw somehow got embedded in his face, but my daughter pulled it out.
cat sitting next to flowers
Olive outside at our old home. She spent 12 hours a day outside.

What new words and phrases have you learned lately? Do you pick up new words from your kids?

11 thoughts on “SEO Soup

  1. Our kids are grownups; so grownup they could live in our 55+ community! We have no animals living with us due to allergies. I love cats and dogs and have in the past had both, but those days are over. We got a harness for a Siamese cat and when we put it on her; she just laid down and stayed there until we took it off. Good Luck with your cat.

  2. I’m still laughing..the sentence about Waffles getting a cat nail mysteriously embedded in his little pug-face is followed by a picture of Olive..with “that” look. (something tells me she knows EXACTLY how it happened.. 😂)

    • My daughter kept thinking Waffles had snot or something stuck on his face. But it was Olive’s claw! Maybe he’ll finally realize chasing Olive isn’t smart.

      • I remember back when we had a dog and a cat we’d come home to tufts of hair rolling round like tumbleweed.. the dog’s..not the cats’.. 😂 Too bad we didn’t have cameras back then..I’m sure it was the wild west once we drove away.

  3. 💜 More of a Phrase; it’s ‘Parenting Parents’ much more difficult than Parenting “Pets”…because NOW!!! My Mom isn’t Talking with Me ‘cos I Sent HER!!! to HER!!! Virtual Room to THINK!!! About It; sure, SHE’LL Definitely Get Over It Eventually and before SHE!!! Dies a Peaceful Death I HOPE!!!


  4. I’m laughing at the name Waffles. I LOVE THAT NAME.
    We just adopted another dog, and it is currently only two pounds but will only reach about 10 pounds, so we have to shop in the cat section of the pet store. So when I saw that cat leash, I was like SOLD. I didn’t even need SEO soup! 😉

    • Waffles is 16 pounds at age four. He had been escaping his harness so my daughter had to get an escape proof one. When he was a little thing every leash we bought was too heavy and he’d flatten out on the ground like a pancake.

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