It’s a Carefree Kind of Day

Carefree Arizona fountain
A fountain in Carefree’s city center.

Today I went to the Farmer’s Market at the city center of Carefree, Ariz. Don’t you love that name? I do! The town is tiny and is literally a stone’s throw from our new home. I was surprised walking around the small market. Nobody was wearing masks! I didn’t see a single one anywhere. Not by the vendors, not by the shoppers. Two weeks ago I went to the Farmer’s Market and everyone was wearing masks.

I felt free. I could breathe. I was happy as I said hello to strangers and smiled and got smiles in return. Definitely a Carefree feeling.

Colorful art at Carefree Farmer's Market.
Colorful art at the Carefree Farmer’s Market.

Then I stopped at the grocery store to get a few things. I wore my mask inside because that’s been the rule. I asked the checker, who was wearing a mask, if masks were required in the store. I had noticed other shoppers weren’t wearing them. She said, “The signs came down a month ago. We’re required to wear them, but not you.”

I took off my mask and said, “Wonderful!”

She said, “Enjoy your oxygen! I’m jealous!”

The work of sculptor Arthur Norby, Stampede depicts a horse with a cowboy apparently trying to head off a herd of cattle. It was originally designed for Javelina Crossing in Indianapolis. It was installed in Carefree in March, 2008. It is bronze, listed as unique and 10 feet tall.l

What are the rules for wearing masks where you live? How does it make you feel?

11 thoughts on “It’s a Carefree Kind of Day

  1. We no longer have an outdoor mask mandate, but most people at food truck night last night still wore them. Our governor has an announcement scheduled at 5 today and I think that will be the end of the indoor mask mandate as well.

    • I keep a mask in my car and purse. That way I can be prepared depending on what is required. It felt weird yesterday to be maskless, but joyful too. I missed seeing people’s expressions and smiles.

    • We went to the city pool yesterday and had to wear masks to enter. That’s the only place I’ve seen with mask requirements. But then, I don’t go to a lot of places.

      • We got new regulations in Arizona that said businesses can require masks, but all mandates are lifted except in government buildings.

      • My daughter and I were in forever 21 the other day…the dressing room attendant said that they don’t think they’ll be requiring masks much longer

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