What she thought about our new home

It was a relief. My daughter spent a few days with us in our new home. She likes it. She likes the area where we live — even though it’s not California. It’s in Arizona.

profile of a pug's mug
Waffles, my daughter’s pug.

Her first job out of school was in Arizona and she has terrible memories. She took the job because the company flew her to Scottsdale from Utah. They put her up in a hotel, they took her out to dinner. She was swept off her feet. It was in her father’s field of investments So, it all seemed perfect to her. But it was far from it. It turns out taking a job to get your parent’s approval may not work out.

She lived in a house we purchased in a quiet family neighborhood. Not at all the best spot for a 22 year old — unless complete isolation and living next to boomers is your thing. Then her house got broken into and ransacked. The only good thing about that is they didn’t steal her pug. They locked him in the garage. Eventually she quit her job, got another one plus nannied in the early mornings for a single mom. She got hired for dream job in the Bay Area and moved up there. That worked out fine until COVID hit.

Fast forward to December 2020 and we moved to Arizona and she told us she would never come visit. She doesn’t have good memories of her one year here. I kept telling her although our address says Scottsdale, it really isn’t. I told we were out in the “sticks” as my hometown was called growing up. We’re far enough out of the metropolitan area to have a whole different feel.

beautiful maine coon
Our queen bee Olive.

She was surprised how far out of town we live. And she loves the nature. We watched a dozen javelina cross the street including babies at sunset. She enjoyed the bunnies and quails romping through our yard. She loves our house. She’s planning on another trip soon to visit.

The only snafu was Waffles. Olive was sleeping under our bed and Waffles decided to charge her at 4 a.m. We heard the kerfuffle and Waff flew out from under the bed. Olive stayed put.

The next day our daughter wiped a booger from Waffles’ snout. It turned out to be a claw embedded through his skin. There was no more trouble from Waffles and Olive after that.

Ancient saguaro cactus with a dozen arms
The nature trails across the street. I wonder how old this saguaro is?
saguaro growth chart

4 thoughts on “What she thought about our new home

  1. So I passed out reading about the claw..but I was sitting on the sofa so it’s all good. 🥴 Question- if waffles is in a kerfuffle..is it a kerwaffle?HAHA!! Poor thing. Every time I see her I see that actor shaking that talking pug in Men in Black.. 😂 I am glad your daughter loves the place..gz, I can’t imagine having my home ransacked like she did..must have been VERY scary. My car was egged in the driveway once years ago (Miami) and I took it so personally.. until that is I met a new neighbor down the street who had been led around her home at gunpoint during a robbery finally getting tied up to her son’s crib before the guy left..Can you imagine?…just thinking about it..makes me want to pass out again..UGH!

    • I like your kerwaffle! Yes it was scary to have her home ransacked. She came home from work and every drawer was overturned and dumped out. They stole her cheap jewelry, left behind things of value, like Waffles. The one thing that made her really mad was they took her swim bag with her name and college embroidered on it, plus her swimcaps with her name on them! She can’t get those again from the university. I guess they used the bag to throw in the things they stole. I can’t imagine being held at gunpoint and getting tied up! — or getting egged. Today, she started her new job and she was so excited. Then she went to her car and discovered someone bashed in a window. What is up with people? She said she leaves nothing in her car ever, because of crime. But I guess someone had the need to break a window.

      • Geez..sometimes you really have to wonder..it’s like the world is a bit off its axis at times… like the humanity of others is never considered. Drives me nuts.

      • I know. It’s crazy. We wondered if it’s where she lives in the Bay Area and then we recalled events in less urban areas.

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