About those to-do lists…

view of sonoran desert

View from our hike on the Broken Spoke Trail.

As I was writing my to do-list today, I felt frustrated. There are a couple things that I never get around to doing. Why do I continue to put them on my list? Instead of helping organize my day, the list is making me feel like a loser.

I have a choice. I either tackle those pesky things that I don’t want to do — or let them go.

My husband and I had a great hike yesterday on the Broken Spoke Trail near our house yesterday. He said he’s getting bored of not doing anything on the weekends. We are at the point that it’s tough being together in COVID isolation almost for a year. While we were out in the desert — I had an idea. It entailed making more lists.

ancient saguaro

My husband standing next to an amazing saguaro.

One would be a list of places we want to explore in our new state. I want to visit Sedona and the Grand Canton. He wants to see Payson and Puerto Penasco on the Sea of Cortez. All of those places will go on our list.

The other is a to-do list for our new house. On the second list, I’ve decided to spend one hour a day working on the guest room. Sitting on the carpet are 10 boxes that I’ve avoided unpacking consistently for the two months we’ve lived here. It’s probably stuff I should have thrown out, rather than moved. Also, the artwork is leaning against the walls. We have the rest of the house almost put together. We’re just waiting for the living room furniture we ordered in November. 

woman on hiking trail in the desert

On our Super Bowl Sunday desert hike.

So, I’m not giving up on lists. I just want to figure out how to not let my lists hurt my feelings.

Any suggestions?


7 thoughts on “About those to-do lists…

  1. Ok. Decide if it’s a must do, a should do, or doesn’t matter one way or another do. Then ask yourself why you’re avoiding it. If you don’t “need” to do it and can get away with no negative consequences, then just eliminate it. If you really need to do it, contract it out…get someone else to do it. If it’s something you must personally do, just get up tomorrow and do it as soon as you get out if bed. Don’t allow yourself anything till you do it

    • Lots of good advice there. Thank you. You motivated me to get something done and off my list that’s been bugging me for a few weeks. It meant digging through files for documents, scanning and emailing. No wonder I was putting it off.

      • I get it…what’s the thing…eat the frog? There are things I put off as well, and sometimes I just need to get it done. Kicking and screaming all the way

      • That’s what I miss about my husband’s office being open. I’d send him to work with my shredding. They had giant bins and a truck showed up to shred everything. Those were the days!

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