Puppies Meet Santa in the Park



The view from our park.

Our neighborhood park is an integral part of my life. I take at least one walk to and around the park every day, enjoying the gorgeous views of Mt. San Jacinto. I’ve walked countless miles around the park for years.

When the kids were young, I’d meet several other moms at the park and we’d sit on blankets on the grass while we watched our kids swing, climb and slide. The park is where we’d go when our kids would get some sort of flying gift like a simple glider, kite or a remote control plane or rocket. When the kids had friends over, they’d go to the park to play ultimate frisbee.

With my daughter at home for Christmas break with her 16-month-old pug Waffles, I’ve learned something new about our park. It’s a great place to meet other dog owners. In fact, we found a group who gather in the afternoons and let their little dogs play. Waffles, who is not at all shy, is trying to take over the group and loves chasing and being chased.



I’m not sure he’s all that welcome in this exclusive club, except by the two lady pugs, Mona and Sadie. The highlight yesterday was a surprise visit by Santa. Waffles, who thinks he’s a media star, thought all the pictures with Santa should include him. My daughter had to pull him out of other puppy pics more than once.



Waffles with Santa at the park.

Do you have a special outdoor place in your life?


7 thoughts on “Puppies Meet Santa in the Park

  1. I love the park a few blocks away from my house. It’s pretty and not too large. But there’s a place in nyc called the highline, and I absolutely love it. It’s an above ground park that was created atop what used to be train tracks. It’s just beautiful!

  2. Too cute that puppy boy. There is a relatively large open space park near me, that has several trails going through it. I love running, walking or biking up there. There’s an adjacent dog park as well that gets a great deal of use. Such a fine community resource. Most of my photos that show mountains are taken from the northwestern corner of the park.

      • I agree that these civic improvements are so important. Open Space and parks is a place where I am virtually always willing to continue taxing myself. Its such a valuable resource. And around me, they are used with incredible frequency. When I was running about 8 am today, in the falling snow, I noticed not only a number of footprints belonging to fellow runners, but a surprising number of bicycle tire prints as well. A fabulous community resource!

      • I’m thinking of taking photography at our local community college with a real camera. I use my iPhone most of the time for photos though, because I always have it with me.

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