Scams, scams and more scams

Phishing email/message

Received a suspicious email, or message or been directed to a fake website? Forward it to and then delete it. We’ll investigate it for you.

Don’t reply, open links, download attachments, or call any listed phone number.—help201

What scams do you see in your inbox? Have you heard of any other ones I didn’t mention? Are you worried AI will lead to more scams?

35 thoughts on “Scams, scams and more scams

  1. Wowza….you can never offer too many reminders like what you’ve offered in your post, Elizabeth. Just when we think we’ve locked down the portals to nutty scams, another pops up, like whack-a-mole. Yesterday the hubster received three text messages from supposed “realtors” asking if we’d be interested in putting our house on the market as a pocket listing…not contact info, no last names, no discernible or credible details. Makes you feel vulnerable, for sure, but we figure it’s just a scattershot blast of messages hoping, like phishing, some sad soul will take a bite. Annoying! 😠

  2. There are new ones all the time. Almost everything goes directly to spam so every once in awhile I look to see what’s in there and just laugh at how ridiculous some are. The texts are the worst and thankfully so obvious to me after all this time seeing what folks will try to get away with. I know though how much of an issue scams are for so many who get sucked into the process for whatever reason. I hope that if I ever reach the point of not recognizing what’s happening I have someone in my life like your friend who looks out for others. She’s a keeper!

  3. What scams do you see in your inbox? For the blog I get ones about becoming a *brand affiliate* with some company wherein they’ll pay me to write about them then publish it on my blog. As if…😏

    Have you heard of any other ones I didn’t mention? Are you worried AI will lead to more scams? I am certain AI is going to lead to more scams. How could it not?

  4. My Dad got a call from “verizon” telling him his account was suspended and to call a number to have it reenstated. Dad is on my Verizon account. He called me and left a message to do whatever I needed to do to get his number reenstated. He called me from the suspended number…. I told him “dad, 99% of all calls or emails are a scam, unless you recoginze the number – ever digit in the number”

  5. I have gotten tons of phone calls, not so many emails thank goodness. Every once in a while I’ll get a text message. One thing I always try to remember when I answer the phone is not to say the word “Yes” when they ask if I can hear them. They can take a clip recording of that “yes” and use it so say that I agreed to something. I always say something like “what do you want?” or if they ask how I’m doing I say, “I’m angry that you’re calling here, please take our number off your list!”

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  7. I feel like I’m pretty cognizant of what is scam/spam. My mom’s cousin was getting scammed the day I met him, about 2013. Someone trying to access his computer to “fix” a problem (they called him and he fell for it). My aunt almost fell for the gift card scam – I really didn’t think she’d be that gullible. At least she did finally figure it out. But another aunt of mine – who was not on internet or email – got taken in by a phone scammer during the pandemic. She lost als most her entire life savings and neither her bank or investment company did anything to put a stop to it! I think it is what led to her death, frankly. I’m talking big six figures.

  8. It’s so frustrating all the scams out there. It makes me wonder what kind of people would spend their time trying to trick others into giving them their hard earned money. It’s so ugly. Thanks for the reminder to stay vigilant especially during the holidays! Hugs, C

  9. This is scary. My mom was almost scammed a while ago. Someone made a fake Facebook account pretending to be her cousin. Told her to apply to something in the government to get 10,000 $
    My mom sent it to my brother, telling him to apply. He told her it’s a spam. So my mom texted this scammer telling them that her son thinks it’s a scam and the scammer had a text conversation with her convincing her to click the link. My mom then asked me and I searched on Facebook and showed my mom that someone made a fake profile. She then blocked them. My sisters also almost fell for a scam. They applied for so many giveaways and then were sent a msg that they won a giveaway but they need to put the bank account info to get the giveaway. My sister almost put the account info, had her husband not stopped her and told her that giveaways only ask for an address not bank account info.

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