There’s no place like home

When you are on vacation, do you look forward to returning home — or do you want vacation to last longer?

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  1. What a great question. I love, love, love the “coming home”. Vacations are wonderful but they can be stressful — and certainly you have endured so much of that. I love that you declined some invitations so you could enjoy and relax before you headed home. Thank you for the stunning beach pic…and for all the pics and info during your trip. Hugs to you and the family! 🥰

  2. For me, it depends on where vacation is and where home is. I love the beach, and I adore the mountains. I also relish being with family. If vacation includes those things, and home does not, I’d just as soon stay on vacation. But now that home is in the mountains (and when it used to be at the beach) I don’t really have any reason to vacay except to visit people- and introverted me also needs my space, like you mentioned, so I look forward to home!
    Have a safe trip back and enjoy settling back into “normal”!

    • I agree with you that I love being with family. My son and Buff were supposed to stay with us for a week. Then my daughter for a long weekend. But instead, we worried about them! We have a couple days left of quiet time at the beach and then the long drive home.

      • We’re heading to visit family next week near Sacramento. As happy as I’ll be to see them, I’ll be ready to come home. I always breathe easier after we cross the state line back into AZ, and it just gets better and better as we climb up in altitude! 😉. These days, I find myself packing for a trip and already looking forward to the unpacking on the other side! Hahaha!

  3. I think there’s most often a small longing to get back home, to be in a familiar place, to have your things and known comforts again. We call places home for a reason- it tends to be our safe place so when you couple a vacation with lots of stress you really need to know home is waiting. Glad all the news continues to be good for Buff 🙂

  4. I love coming back home too. I try to change the sheets on my bed before I go so that when I fold back in after vacation, it feels extra cozy. I’m glad the stress of the health issues receded so you could enjoy a bit. But I’m with you, we need a mix of being with others and being alone, being away and being home!

  5. I think both the going on a vacation and coming home are the best parts of the whole process. I’m glad you got to really relax at least a few days of your vacation.

  6. Yes, no matter how fantastical a vacay is at the time, I always find myself ready to go home by the end of it. Especially is the vacay is busy….sort of the opposite of a vacation. Sightseeing and taking in the culture is fun, but going all the time is exhausting. Give me sunsets with a glass of wine by a beach and I’m a happy girl.

  7. I love traveling but I always love coming home to my space. It’s familiar and somehow I feel swaddled by my home in a way no other place has ever felt like that for me. So glad the DIL is on the mend and the health scare has passed. And I’m totally with you on the socializing, I need about three nights alone for every night out. I know, you’re feeling sorry for Larry! Hugs, C

    • It has not been a relaxing time, except for the last couple days. We are waiting to hear if our future DIL needs chemo. That may be another week until we know. We’re ready to head home!

  8. When you are on vacation, do you look forward to returning home — or do you want vacation to last longer? I look forward to returning home. I don’t truly consider a vacation finished until I’m back in my own bed again, able to reflect back on what fun we had.

    • That’s where I’m at right now. I want to be home in my own bed with my cat! We’e leaving a day early because there seems to be a COVID outbreak here and we’d rather avoid it, if possible.

  9. What a beautiful photo. I am glad you were able to relax and let go of your worries, so you could enjoy your vacation. Sunset walks sounds perfect.
    Typically I am ready to go back home, even after fun vacations! Getting back to a normal routine., and yes, seeing my dogs. 🙂 <3

  10. That’s a really beautiful sunset! I tend to get really settled in on vacations and not want to return home. I’ve actually cried a few times when leaving a place I know we might never return to again, like Paris or Switzerland. I do love my routine, but vacations never ever last long enough for me. I need months I think!

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