My favorite beach houses

I hope you enjoyed my beach home tour!

If you owned a beach house, what style would it be? Beach cottage, White House replica, contemporary or modern?

47 thoughts on “My favorite beach houses

  1. I’m with Crystal, I wouldn’t care. Ha ha! It’s interesting seeing the different styles. The beach houses at least where we’ve gone in recent years on the East Coast tend to be very cookie cutter, three or so stories, but not much architectural significance like these. I do like the house that you stay in, like the style and subtle privacy. And you’re right the Tree of Life Tree makes the property! 😎😎😎😎

  2. Enjoy? Adore! They’re all spectacular but I’m with you…I love that mid-century-ish low-slung roofline with loads of windows, patio doors. It must be that Palm Spring gene within you. I never lived there, but boy have I admired Palm Springs as a visitor. I’m trying to imagine the view from inside that first house. Ahhh….😎

  3. The one with the brown grass seems so out of place without a green lush lawn. The house itself though reminds me of what we might see up around Lake Washington minus the dock and boat! I could see myself in the A-frame with the chairs and umbrellas out front. That’s definitely my style over the mansion 🙂

    • It was green grass the day before I took the picture! A couple weeks it will be green again. I don’t miss the lawn scalping at our new house where we have rock. The A frame has a clean look.

  4. What a fun walk! Beach houses are so entertaining- I have gotten many a sunburn, too lost in the houses and ocean and dolphins to notice the time. But you brought up a good point. You rarely ever see the people who live there. My sad theory is they have to work so long and hard to afford the house that they don’t get to enjoy it. Helps me not covet as much ;).

  5. Wow, love them all. Especially the one with all the decks and the palm trees. BUT would not want to clean it so assuming I live there, I am wealthy enough to afford a service, right?

  6. As I looked at the homes, I kept thinking of your post with Kevin Costner’s home. What a messy divorce, I still don’t understand why his wife wanted a divorce. Maybe because she is younger and wanted her freedom? Anyhow, beautiful homes.

    • Costner has privacy. You can’t walk in front of his home unless it’s a super low tied or you scramble on rocks. He has ten acres at the point and is up on a bluff. It was a weird divorce where she wouldn’t leave the home and said she couldn’t afford to raise her kids in a home or lifestyle they were accustomed too. $145 million property. No kidding.

  7. Reminds me of visiting my aunt’s beautiful little cape cod cottage in Westhampton Beach before she passed away. As a child, my mom and I went every summer. I loved the village, more than the homes on the water which were all over the top. The village was a place to meet, speak and people watch. A little bit more simple.

  8. All lovely homes and if someone wanted to gift me one, I’d take it!! Yes, the tree make the house and is magnificent. Not knowing the back story behind then owners who need/want services to help keep everything in order, if I had any of these I’d be outside all the time! Thanks for sharing.💜

    • I will take any one of them, too. One weekend, we did see owners sitting on the sand in beach chairs in front of their houses. That’s the first time in decades I’ve seen that! Maybe they’re inside enjoying their gorgeous views?

  9. I’m not picky! I would take any of them. We used to go the beach regularly when I lived in Houston, as a child and an adult. Now that we’ve moved, we rarely go. I do miss the water.

    • I agree, they are all beautiful in their own way. I’m partial to beach cottages and it’s sad to see them torn down for larger homes. One end of the beach, near the parking lot, has small lots with cottages and a few are tear downs with bigger homes. As you get to the far end of the beach, the lots and homes get huge.

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