Views from my week

Cardinal with pink flamingos

A cardinal hung out with the birthday flamingos.

At first the birds were avoiding our back yard like the plague. I guess the flamingos I got for my birthday looked too menacing. After tossing birdseed at the feet of the flamingos we got our first visitor. A bright red cardinal.

The quail are still wary and they walk on the opposite side of the yard — as far away from the flamingos as possible.

Here’s are other views from the week:

sunset on a cloudy day

Sunset on a cloudy day.

sunset reflected on trees

I loved how the sunset reflected on the trees.

A view of snow covered hills on a morning walk in the neighborhood.

The cardinal hanging out on a rock.

Other exciting news. We got our dishwasher installed. We got the solar approved. I turned on the breakers to the solar and the house didn’t blow up. I was more than concerned about that!

I went to a lunch with a very energizing and encouraging speaker. I almost groaned when the waiters served the typical chicken lunch. But it was the best chicken banquet meal I’ve ever had. Tender, juicy and flavorful with tons of veggies. Good speaker, good lunch. I feel spoiled.

What are some of the highlights from your week so far?

31 thoughts on “Views from my week

  1. Gorgeous photos! Some nice artwork. Finished a jigsaw puzzle. My daughter is home for a few days and we have a few theater outings…

  2. That’s a lot of good news! Especially about the house not blowing up. I love the sunset picture – but I’m wondering about why the cups are on the cactus?

    • I was holding my breath when I flipped the breakers on for the solar panels! The styrofoam cups are to protect cacti from cold temps. It’s a little insulation from freezing. They could die without them.

  3. Those sunset pictures are beautiful!
    Yay on good things happening this week and problems being taken care of. You can breathe a great sigh of relief!
    I have had enjoyable times with my family this week. ❤

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