30 thoughts on “Those annoying subscriptions

  1. I try to avoid these like the plague. I do my magazines through Amazon now, so that’s easy to monitor. I did have an issue with another mag but I took care of it. My daughter is really on top,of streaming services…she knows what we have and monitors it. I have my Ny times…puzzle and news online. I have a recurring chewy order for pet supplies. And I don’t think I have anything else. I get an iPad alert when my Amex is used, so I watch that and try to catch things. I think I have another subscription but I can’t think of it

    • I need to go through Amazon and double check our subscriptions. Thanks for the reminder! I get air filters and a few other things on subscription. They seem to stock up and not get used as quickly as they’re delivered.

      • Yeah…I watch our chewy because I don’t need dog biscuits or treats every month. I pick and choose

      • I was using Chewy for cat litter because my cat only likes one brand. Chewy was the only place I could find it! But now it’s back in the grocery store.

      • FYI, I went through Amazon and found two channels Showtime and Starz that were charging me every month. I honestly do not remember ever signing up for those. My daughter told me she thinks Amazon may be facing a class action lawsuit because she keeps reading that it’s happening to a lot of people.

  2. Good luck getting rid of those mystery charges. I’m pretty fierce about never opting for anything subscription wise. I don’t need or want that stuff anyway. This is a great example though that whenever you enter a payment method on any site you really need to make sure how that info will be used and what you, often without knowing, agree to when you enter it. No one gets my card info!

  3. Hello! I enjoyed your post – I just went through the same thing. I ruthlessly unsubscribed from every subscription I could in January. After a month, there was only one that I regretted and went back to! I’m looking forward to readilng more of your blog!

  4. It is hard to keep up with everything. I think the more you think linear, the easier it becomes. I appreciate the husband doing all or most of the design in the outdoor garden as he sees the whole picture. I am the detail person but we can appreciate each other’s views. I also learn from how he keeps notes.

  5. It is not hard to get rid of any of them, you folks are just focusing your attempts to stop them in the wrong direction. I have only once had this issue, and the company was playing stupid. So I sent them an e-mail cancelling the service, then took a copy of the e-mail to MY BANK, showed them I had cancelled, and to block their routing number from making anymore auto-withdrawals. They charged me $20, and it was done. That business threatened me with credit reporting, garnishment…all the usual junk. I gave them the number for a local attorney that specializes in this stuff. Never heard from them again, and that was maybe a decade ago.

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