Thanksgiving birds

Here are some bird photos from my Bird Buddy Gallery. The Bird Buddy is an AI bird feeder that my son was involved with bringing to market.

The first three photos are Gila Woodpeckers.

Gila woodpecker
Gila woodpecker
Gila Woodpecker

The Bird Buddy arrived last week and I’ve been having a blast with it. I am learning about the species of birds who hang out in our backyard. The app on my phone IDs the birds, gives me information about them and has recordings of the their songs and calls.

I decided not to cook this Thanksgiving, but we will go out for a simple meal. We’ve hosted Thanksgiving for most of the past 30 years and I don’t feel like doing the shopping, the prep, the cooking, inviting guests and cleaning up.

So instead of turkey, I’m sharing my Thanksgiving birds in my yard with my fellow bloggers and friends.

Gambel's quail
Mourning dove

Mourning Dove

Albert's Towhee

Albert’s Towhee

Cactus Wren
Eurasian Collared Dove

Happy Thanksgiving! What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

28 thoughts on “Thanksgiving birds

    • Thanks! I cooked oxtail soup and lemon lush for company. It took me two days. We entertained Sunday and I wasn’t ready to do it again. A movie binge sounds like a good idea!

  1. That is a really great assortment of birds! Our feeder gets Blue Jays, Cardinals, Sparrows and Finches. No where near the birds you get! I think the Blue Jays keep many away as they are very mean birds.

  2. Wow, you have quite an assortment of birds! Love it. We bought my mom and dad something like this within the past year. Not sure if it’s the same brand or not. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. We went to my brother’s today, about 1/3 of the whole clan was able to make it. It was perfect. I”m still full 6 hours later. 🙂

    • I see brands out for sale like the Bird Buddy. It’s so much fun and I’m learning a lot about the birds in my area. It sounds like you had a nice meal and time with family.

  3. That is so cool. I’m going to check this out! We have a ton of birds in our neighborhood. I think that would be fun to know what they are and have images of them. The Bird Buddy! Love it, hugs, C

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