Counting down the days and words

We have pomegranates in our yard. I’m not sure if they’re ornamental or good to eat.

The month will soon be over. November is National Novel Writing Month known as NaNoWriMo. The challenge is to write 50,000 words this month. I am at a little over 42,000 words and I’m counting down to the wire.

I like my story premise, I’m pleased that I’m alternating points of view each chapter between several characters. A lot of back story and details about the characters’ lives emerged. My prior draft from last year was from one character’s point of view and it was limiting.

Six days and 8,000 words to go. My goal is 1,500 words a day until it’s done. It is a challenge. I usually edit and revise as I write. But this is an exercise in getting the story out and fixing it later. It’s difficult for me to write without wanting to rewrite and edit.

Once the rough draft is done, I’ll set it aside before I take a good hard look at what I’ve done. Then the real work will begin.

Do you edit as you write? Or do you write a free flowing first draft and edit it later?

23 thoughts on “Counting down the days and words

  1. I’ve never written a book, but I usually get the story out and edit it after. Computers allow us to do that. Handwriting has to be perfect outta the pen. I am thankful for computers!

  2. Great to hear that you’re making progress – especially after losing your previous manuscript. My advice would be to try to keep the editing to a reasonable amount. You’ll have time for that later. The goal is to get everything down on paper, that way you have something to edit. There’s no substitute for getting it out first. Good luck!

      • Now I’ve never been one to follow this, but Stephen King or someone like that used to say that when you’re getting close to your daily word count, leave a few short reminders of where you’re headed the next day, so that you don’t have to read a ton of text and have the urge to start a deep edit. He suggested just a line or two of review and then you’re off. Again . . . I find I can’t follow that advice, but I thought I would pass along for what it’s worth. Good luck, you’re almost there!

  3. I am still waiting for my friend/publisher/editor to let me know if he has finished editing my first finished book. I just send him a reminder hopefully with Happy Thanksgiving. I know he has lost a few workers for the company, so maybe not.

  4. I’m glad you commented on my latest post because it made me realize that I stopped getting notices of your posts. I’ll see if I can figure out why.

    Anyway, congrats on your novel-in-progress. I’m sticking with short stories for now but, hopefully one of these days, I’ll try writing something longer.

    I find it difficult to write without editing as I go along. But, when I can force myself to ignore my mistakes or confused prose, it does seem to work better.

    • Thank you for letting me know this. I have several people who usually comment no longer comment at all. I thought I was doing something with my writing that turned them off!

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