I found a mission

Find a need and fill it. Find a hurt and heal it…

The Phoenix Dream Center

Screen shot from the Phoenix Dream Center.

Although I’m not the most social person, I said yes to attend a women’s group nearby with two of my neighbors. I’m saying yes to things like this to get to know more people in my community.

This women’s group selected one charity that fits their mission of helping women and children in need. The nonprofit they are helping is called The Phoenix Dream Center.

We’re on a mission to stop human trafficking, end childhood hunger and educate tomorrows leaders.” –Brian D. Steele, Executive Director, The Phoenix Dream Center

Stephanie Lang, MSW, Development Manager of the Phoenix Dream Center, gave an eye opening presentation about human trafficking. To be honest, it wasn’t a subject that I’ve thought much about. The Dream Center takes people off the streets who are being human trafficked. They have a four-year residential treatment center to help heal and get these people back on their feet — whether it’s back in school or in a career.

Some of the scary facts I learned:

Phoenix is a human trafficking hub. That’s because of the freeway system. Phoenix is an easy place to access from California, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, etc.

The average age of women who are trafficked is 13. For boys, it’s age 11.

They have 67 beds and said there is a need for hundreds more.

The people being trafficked are not illegals crossing the border. 90% of them are Arizona residents from all walks of life.

Human traffickers prey on vulnerable people who want to be loved.

Unlike someone trafficking drugs or guns — who have to find a new supply each time to make money — the human trafficker can sell their human being up to 16 or more times per day.

Yes, I’m joining this woman’s group. I believe in their mission.

In addition to raising funds for the Phoenix Dream Center, we will take a tour of the facility in January. They are also working ways to volunteer in person there.

Have you found a mission that you can get behind and support through volunteering or fundraising? What is it?

27 thoughts on “I found a mission

    • I had no idea. I always thought human trafficking was an issue for immigrants coming to our country. But instead I learned it’s a rampant problem throughout our country.

  1. Such an important mission! I’m so glad you’re going to join and support their efforts to stop trafficking of our youth. The numbers are so alarming. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Hugs, C

  2. There is a special reservation in hot places for human traffickers. I had no idea the average age was so young. That’s so very disturbing on every level. Bravo for you in joining such a good cause. Last year, I discovered our Midwest town has a significant amount of human trafficking too. I was shocked. Our church focuses on many non profit areas with foster care needs as one with special attention. We just gathered 400+ iBelong baskets to give to children entering the foster care system so they have needed items to take with them to their foster homes….everything from toothbrushes to teddy bears.

  3. I’m glad to hear you are getting out there to help these people. It’s an ugly thing that’s happening. It’s been a while since I got involved in non-profit work. I will do so, though, as life makes room.

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