Are you ready for Tuesday?

I am so ready for this election to be over.

At first I was really excited to be voting in Arizona. I lived in California for more than three decades. After California initiated the jungle primary where the top two candidates run against each other in the general election — it’s Democrat vs. Democrat. Guess who wins every single time?

In Arizona, there are more Republicans registered than Democrats, but the second largest party is “other.” It’s anyone’s guess who wins. It makes it very exciting to not have a foregone conclusion during an election.

But I am so sick of the ads. The signs. The emails. The texts. I’m sick of the whole thing and cannot wait for the election to be over!

Are you ready to put this election behind us, too?

22 thoughts on “Are you ready for Tuesday?

  1. And the ads are very negative. Too much “don’t vote for him/her, they’re dangerous/wrong/etc” and too little “vote for me, this is what I stand for.” There were a few exceptions, but many of the ads were uglier than I wish. Yes, I am looking forward to it being over!

  2. I will never NOT vote but I am capable of making my own informed decisions without all the negativity and attempts to convince me just how bad every candidate is. Political ads are useless in providing any real or useful information.

  3. I can’t stand it at all. Colorado has mail/drop box voting, so I completed my ballot long before all the texts/emails/junk mail ends. Elections every two years is too much.

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