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hiking in the preserve
McDowell Sonoran Preserve

I like living in Arizona. I really do. I like being across the street from 130 miles of hiking trails that will never be developed. I also like the wildlife — bobcats, mule deer, coyotes, hawks, owls and coyotes.

But what annoys me are the grocery stores. It’s 30 minutes to drive to Trader Joe’s or Costco, which we make a special trip to do. There are four grocery stores much closer. But I have to stop at two to three of them to get my shopping done.

The one that is closest is very small. It’s not a national chain, but a family-owned local store.They never carry what I need. But they do have the only kitty litter Olive the cat will use — Johnny Cat. It’s the only one of the four stores near us that carries it. They also are the only store that carries Brown Cow yogurt. (If you haven’t tried Brown Cow, please give it a try. It’s amazing.)

So I start my shopping there for cat litter and yogurt. Next I go to a major chain to get mostly everything else. Specialty items I go to the upscale store down the street from the chain store.

I don’t mind driving, but I do mind going in and out of stores for what should be one-stop shopping. I never had this problem in Palm Springs. Maybe it’s still a supply chain issue?

Are you able to do your shopping in one stop? Or do you have to go to several stores to complete your list?

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  1. My wife does most of the shopping because she doesn’t trust me to do it properly. She goes to four different stores for various items. Fortunately, they are all relativeily close.

  2. My theory is that I got used to one store- the one I shopped when I was first married and buying groceries with intent. Once I moved away from that store, I’ve been having to frequent several spots to find all the same things they carried. And each store is unique, so I also find new items to love at each that my original store probably didn’t have. Now, in a new town, I have a decision. I can run all over town to find the items and brands I like or get to know a new store and stick with what they offer. I’ve tried to do the latter. But it is hard. We have to go to Prescott or Phoenix for Costco and Trader Joe’s, and we enjoy making a day of it every few months. If we go to Phoenix, I also hit Winco. But then I have to deal with my other dilemma- space! Haha! I stock up and come home to nowhere to keep it. Good problems to have tho- blessings in abundance! Have a great day!

  3. I try my best to stick with one and can usually get what I want, or I simply adapt what I buy to what they have as it has the lower prices. I will go to my local chain store (2 minutes) away for specific vegetables that I often can’t get or that are higher in price. My diet is mostly vegetarian, unprocessed, and minimal dairy…not highly varied so I can usually find what works. I know it can get frustrating when you can’t find stuff, although I don’t think it’s a supply issue-with the exception of sauces that contain chili peppers! I spent weeks waiting for garlic chili paste/sriracha/gochujang paste- anything like that until I found out there was an issue getting peppers to make these items

  4. I use two mainly, Safeway and Target. I can usually get all that I need between those two. Every few months we’ll make a Costco run. I’ve been taking advantage of the online shopping that started during the pandemic a lot. I order the groceries online and then when they are ready I go pick them up. I don’t need to get out of the car except to open the trunk. Also doing it that way prevents the “extras” that I can usually manage to put in the cart – LOL

  5. Most from one store. Sometimes two. In the summer I add the farm stand for fresh produce, so there might be 3 stops. Usually shop just once a week, so not a big deal. It’s a small town, too, so the driving isn’t onerous.

  6. I frequent two main stores when food shopping, and Costco once a month for the bulk stuff. They’re all close by so I can’t complain and with only two of us to buy for the food shopping is significantly reduced. I will add it’s not my favorite task. Hugs, C

  7. Ha ha ha. I shop daily, and I base where I go in what I’m buying. If it’s a farmers market day, I might need two stores. I group sundries in one day a week.

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