What’s your favorite color?

blue flower

A blue flower in our front yard.

This morning I was struck by several blue or purplish flowers in our yard. They stand out against a background of desert browns and greens of cacti.

“The reason why everyone likes blue is because it is universally associated with positive things (e.g. the sky, the ocean, stability, peace, purity, etc.) and has very few negative associations. Additionally, blue is a color that is present in many cultures all around the world and is linked with positive connotations in most of them.”


blueish purple flower
Another blue flower in my yard.

Our preferences for certain colors aren’t determined by our DNA, but instead it’s an emotional response from associations with that color. For me, I love the ocean. I love the bright blue sky. I like the blue of city pools where I feel powerful swimming laps — knowing I’m doing something beneficial for my health.

Blue is the most popular color on the planet. My mom loved the color blue, too. So blue brings up feelings about my mom — who I’m going to visit next week in the Seattle area.

This glass blue flower stands in a pot by the front door with a cactus. I never noticed it before!

What’s your favorite color and why?


22 thoughts on “What’s your favorite color?

  1. When I lived by the ocean, my favorite color was green. It was a reveling color- like grass and lush foliage and reminded me of fresh oxygen given off by growing things. Since I’ve moved further from the ocean, I’ve been drawn more to the blues. I guess I need to put them around me now that they don’t occur as naturally. You’re right- it’s about how colors make feel.

  2. I like the icy colors, like blues, greens, and pinks, but I tend to wear mostly black? I find that sort of disconcerting. I tend to decorate with splashes of color against a bland background. Maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to flowers? Great post, hugs, C

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