Amazing sights!

This is what a sea lion does when it’s stressed. It raises its neck and head off the sand.

Sea lions, dolphins and terns — amazing sights I’m enjoying.

I wrote about the Domoic Acid poisoning that is affecting the sea lions last week. If you missed it, you can read it HERE.

My husband and I encountered a second sea lion in distress a few days later. I called the marine life rescue hotline to report it. Within minutes, volunteers were out staking signs and yellow crime tape to cordon off an area around the sea lion. One woman was the same volunteer I had met the week before. She reminded us to leave the sea lion alone, because they often die from stress if they are suffering from the toxins.

I was infuriated to watch people who let their dogs off leash, walk in front of the signs and tape with their dogs barking at the sea lion.

This is the sea lion in a relaxed, non-threatened position.
I called the rescue hotline for this sea lion.

Now for the truly amazing sights of a flock of terns at the beach:

My husband walking down the beach with the terns.

I spotted the terns way down the beach. They looked like a solid white stripe across the beach where the sea lion sat the day before.

I was afraid they were munching on the sea lion’s carcass, but fortunately that didn’t seem to be the case. I’ve read about terns and they like lagoons and canals.

The terns were in front of this canal. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s home. Here’s an article with more pics.
Another view of the terns.

What amazing sights have you seen this week?

12 thoughts on “Amazing sights!

  1. Well nothing quite so dramatic or beautiful as this EA, a neighbor moving, some interesting cloud patterns, and a few odd swarms of birds!

  2. Amazing huh….hmmm….my daughter sent me a picture of her dorm room wall with some new stuff she added…I saw some really cool stuff at the Met….gorgeous fruit at farmers market…

  3. Bless you for caring so much! It’s so disheartening what people do to endanger nature. When I walk, I always find amazing things in nature.

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