First two hours of vacation

View from the Vrbo.

We had only been in the Vrbo for two hours when we lost one key. Fortunately, we started with two keys in the lockbox.

The key got lost during unpacking. I had placed the key on top of the dresser. My husband complained about things I was stacking on the dresser while finding a home for them. I was sure he had knocked the key off onto the floor or behind the dresser while he moved some of my stuff.

I was so upset. We were supposed to go to our friends’ house for dinner and we were thirty minutes late — before we realized the key was missing.

We looked in the drawers, under the dresser, under the bed, in the kitchen and bathroom. I texted my son that we had lost one key already. There was one in the lockbox and to please keep the one remaining key there when he arrived later that night. I didn’t want to lose both.

After a delicious dinner of chicken mole with our friends in their backyard, I came home and continued the search.

I finally found the key! My husband had knocked the key off the dresser just as I suspected. He managed to land the key in my dresser drawer — into my white shorts back pocket! Husbands!

What has your wife, husband or friend done that truly amazed yougood or bad?

18 thoughts on “First two hours of vacation

  1. That is really frustrating when you know something like an important key has to be somewhere! I have too many stories (most unsettling verging into bad) regarding amazing ex-husband stories that no one wants to relive.

  2. Omg I know my husband did something incredibly stupid recently but I can’t think of it. But for this question, I’ll go with…five weeks ago I brought up the mail, sorted it and handed him his new work transit card. I said to him, this is your new transit card, and I wrote on the envelope NEW TRANSIT CARD. The other day he said…have you checked the mail, I’m supposed to get my new transit card. I say…yes…a month ago, I handed it to you and told you what it was. He looks at me like I have three heads. I pull up his pile, because he piles doesn’t put away, and there’s the envelope with the card inside…

  3. I accept risks with a good warranty! That is why I said, ‘yes’ to my husband and his highly organized eclectic self. I knew he would beat the dust for me; annoy me often but his sense of humor would bring out the best, mostly, in me.

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