A few more issues

The latest issue of the HOA newsletter.

I thought with my new laptop I’d be through with computer issues. But an issue came up with the latest issue of the newsletter that I volunteer to do for our homeowner’s association.

If you didn’t read about my computer issues, I was losing files and realized that the “automatic backup” wasn’t backing up. You can read about that HERE.

My new laptop doesn’t have the fonts for the newsletter. I get missing font messages and the type reverts to Helvetica or Geneva which doesn’t look great. So, I asked my son — who created the layout and template for me — to help fix it. He told me to email him the newsletter and he’d convert it to a pdf on his laptop. (He has the fonts.)

After my son made the newsletter look pretty, I sent it off to my newsletter co-editor for proof reading — plus the board of directors for their input.

In the end I received 10 small corrections and tweaks last night. Instead of sending the newsletter to my son to make the corrections, I thought I’d try turning on the old laptop — which has the missing fonts. I thought I’d be able to update the newsletter all on my own. What I discovered is those fonts on my old laptop are missing. too!

So, even with a brand new laptop that’s working great, I still have issues to fix.

With different fonts, spacing is different which changes every page’s layout.

What a mess.

On our beach vacation, our kids are joining us and my son has promised to install the fonts and we won’t have to be emailing the newsletter back and forth in the future.

Do you work on any layouts besides your blogs? Do you enjoy it or find it tedious? What computer problems or glitches have you dealt with?

15 thoughts on “A few more issues

  1. I am constantly making layouts (more like PowerPoint slides). I use Microsoft Office 2007, not 365. I OWN the 2007 program disc, so all elements stay intact. By “leasing” 365, you are at the mercy of their updates, which include those that render old slides/programs/layouts/spreadsheets/graphics obsolete with 0.0 seconds warning.

  2. I don’t use different fonts and things like that so I’ve never had an issue like that but I do hate getting a new laptop because I get so used to the older one and having to relearn everything is a hassle. I hope you adjust to your new laptop soon and your son is so sweet to help out. Have fun on vacation.

  3. Technology can be soooo frustrating. Perhaps there are similar fonts you can download and replace in the file? New computers are a pain to get set up the way the old one was, aren’t they? I work in Adobe Creative Suite and still have issues! Hope your vacay is restful and relaxing. Are you taking the laptop?! 😆

    • Yes, I’m taking the laptop. My son and his girlfriend are staying with us and he promised to install the fonts and Adobe. I think he got tired of having to make the corrections and changes our Board requested. It came back to him four times! I was frustrated having to wait for him, because he’s super busy at his own job.

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