I had to laugh…

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I did it. I ordered a new MacBook Air. After losing files due to some software glitch, I tried to update the operating system on my current machine. I was given a message that there wasn’t enough memory. So I’m stuck with the glitch.

I called my computer expert (my son) and he informed me the amount of storage on my MacBook Air was less than what he had on his phone. With more files disappearing including my manuscript from NaNoWriMo (I wrote about that HERE) I was feeling desperate.

I went back and forth on which laptop to buy — the MacBook Pro or Air. How much RAM and storage. I finally settled on the Air and maxed it out. I like the light weight of the Air compared to the heaviness of the Pro.

Anyway, the only thing that was available immediately was the standard MacBook Air, which I knew wouldn’t last long due to not enough memory. I’ve been waiting patiently for a couple weeks for my souped up laptop to arrive. I got an email that it will arrive today.

I had to laugh.

Did you see the announcement from Apple? They are introducing a BRAND SPANKING NEW MacBook Air that is lightyears and decades superior to the one I’m getting today. But of course.

It has a better chip, more RAM, a better screen — better everything.

Oh well. I don’t care. I just want my work to be backed up, And not to have my work disappear before my very eyes. I did get an email from Apple that they lowered the price on my new computer and will refund me the difference. So there’s that.

What are your thoughts about Apple and how they roll out new products?

Screenshot of the brand new MacBook Air introduced this week.

16 thoughts on “I had to laugh…

  1. As you leave the store with your brand new 6.0 (insert electronic item here), you notice that the vendor is going past you into the store with version 7.0, and a sales clerk putting up a “clearance sign” on the one you just paid full price for. It is a geek conspiracy.

  2. I hate how often apple rolls out product. I have an iPad, and I used to have an iPod, but that’s my apple limit

    • I think they roll out products too often also. I feel like my existing Apple products are timed to fail with the roll outs. I bought my first Mac in 1992.

      • My daughter got her computer in 2019. A few months ago she got a “report” that she should bring her computer in for repair. The genius bar suggested either a new computer or a 400$ repair…for a computer that she’s experiencing no problems with…

      • I also have a 2019 that is starting to fall out and sputter apart in various ways. Mine is a Lenovo but I’ve also experienced the constant Apple software updates on my old iphone. My thought is that technology just changes too fast for us mature people,

    • I’ve been an Apple owner since I started a PR business pre kids which was 1992! We have similar histories with their products. I have had various desk tops and laptops through the years. This was the first time I ever had an issue with missing files and folders. Anyway, I just got an email that my order is delayed. Oh well. It will be here eventually!

    • I got my new laptop last night. It has the M1 chip. Now I’m reading all about the new and improved M2 chip and how the new Macbook Air is to fantastic — the one I didn’t buy!

      • TMI often makes us re or overthink. That’s why I get my tech recommendations from a trusted friend who keeps up with that stuff but is a fellow mature person who doesn’t get too hyped up about new stuff I don’t need. He did recommend a standalone hard drive for storage and after my latest Lenovo glitch I’m getting closer to finally buying one. Enjoy your new Mac which I hope is not a lot different from your old one. I’ve noticed that besides software updates, most tech companies also like to keep us on our toes with successive hardware changes, even external ones!

      • I was ordering a new stand alone hard drive, and I discovered on Amazon thumb drives that have 1 TB of storage! It is so easy and takes up no room. Also, the cost is under $30.

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