A bit of beauty

Our gate looking out toward the street. It’s so beautiful with the plant in full bloom. Most of the year it doesn’t look like this.

This weekend I was stunned by the beauty in our neighborhood. I stop and take photos every day on my walks. I’ve posted several times about the desert in bloom, but more and more flowers amaze me.

Palo verde in bloom. They are all over the place in our neighborhood.
Ocotillo with red flowers

The color on this Hedgehog cactus is brilliant.
The cardinal has been back!
This beavertail cactus is beginning to bloom.
I love this Yucca at the entrance to our neighborhood.

What are your favorite flowering plants and birds in the Spring?

10 thoughts on “A bit of beauty

  1. My favorite plant is the Bleeding Heart, favorite bird is the Male Cardinal. It can really be amazing how beautiful the desert can be, Very unique (and hardy) plants that come from such an amazingly harsh environment.

  2. Love your pictures. Amazing the colors that pop out of the desert brown. I take pictures on my walks too and just hope that the neighbors don’t think I’m some kind of stalker – LOL

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