The perils of pickleball

Olive the cat
Olive doesn’t play pickleball. She’d rather sit in the sun.

Friday I opted out of barre class to try beginning pickleball. Since it was Good Friday, I realized my husband didn’t have to work so I took him along.

I was nervous when we walked into the gym and asked if this was beginning pickleball lessons.

“There are no lessons,” a woman answered.

“But I was told that beginning lessons were on Fridays” I said.

“This is beginning pickleball. We just play.”


Then two more couples walked in and said they had never played before either. We were all relieved to not be the only newbies.

A woman and man suggested each first-time couple go to one of the three courts and experienced players would play with us. My husband and I got Bill, who turned out to be an amazing coach. He said he’d been a coach for 30 years of different sports.

Bill had us practice serving over and over. He went through the rules and told us where to stand. He helped me with technique and after one hour, he said we were ready to play. He was patient and encouraging. Without Bill I don’t know if I would ever play again.

We played games or matches for the next hour. Yes! Two full hours of pickleball.

The next day I couldn’t move. Even after four weeks of swimming and barre classes my body was in shock after pickleball.

Easter Sunday my husband and I practiced at our neighborhood tennis court. We had ordered removable lines and markers to turn the tennis court into a pickleball court. A pickleball court is much smaller than a tennis court. After measuring and placing the markers down, we were ready.

A few serves later, I reached down for a ball and pulled a muscle. I’m currently sitting on an ice pack.

My kids told me I shouldn’t have gone from zero workouts to four in one week, but should have built up slowly. They said they knew I would get hurt. A good friend told me that, too. My question is this. Why didn’t they tell me before? Or did they and I didn’t listen?

What activity have you started and stopped and started again? Have you ever done too much too soon and gotten injured? What happened? Is this just the side effect of old age?

17 thoughts on “The perils of pickleball

  1. I hadn’t gone to the gym during Covid, so doing weights was really hard because my entire body hurt. However after a month my body is rebounding nicely

  2. I heard pickle ball was fun. We played it a few years ago with some neighborhood friends, but I haven’t played again. Good for you for trying something new. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. I was doing a bootcamp last fall – religiously – then winter came and a bout of COVID. I dread starting over. I’ll have to go slow so I don’t hurt myself for sure.

  4. Good for you trying something new! You’ll be back up and around in no time. Maybe this is your body saying you need periods of rest too. I hike regularly, bike, and lift light weights. Nothing crazy. Keeps me strong enough to keep up with my husband who is an exercise nut. We have another tandem ride this coming weekend. Pray for me! 💕C

    • I thought my walking everyday and hiking on weekends was keeping me fit. Definitely nothing compared to swimming, barre and chasing pickle balls! Good luck on your ride! Where is it?

      • Swimming, barre and pickle ball is a ambitious combination! You really are doing a lot! The ride next weekend is in Chico, California. We have a friend from high school who lives there and we’re meeting up for dinner. I’m looking forward to it but appreciate your good wishes!

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