I don’t do cold

cloudy Arizona sky
A cloudy view before the rain hit.

We woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of rain. It was pouring. My iphone didn’t let me know there’d be rain. It told us of a wind advisory. Back in California, the rain was intense. Record rainfall throughout the Southland with road closures and mud slides. I guess I’m lucky to be in Arizona.

I hid under a pile quilts and listened to the rain. It was a wonderful feeling. There’s nothing like the sound of rain when you’re tucked safely and warmly in bed. My husband had opened up the sliding glass door with the screen door closed so we could hear the rain. He also put the cover on the ping pong table at midnight.

This morning I’m freezing. It’s in the 30s and I decided for the first time in several years to forgo my morning walk. I bundled up to attempt the walk, but I couldn’t do it. It has to warm up later today, right? I wore my warm leggings. A fleece vest. A jacket. And I was still too cold to walk. I’m cold to the bone.

I hate being cold. I don’t do cold. Thankfully we put styrofoam cups on our cacti before this cold front came in.

cacti with styrofoam cups
Our cupped cacti.

The sun is out today and it’s bright and sunny, but cold. It must be my 30-plus years of desert living that makes me intolerant to cold weather.

I’m dreaming of our Christmas week at the beach. Of course, I’m picturing a summer day at the beach and not a winter one. We may be inside there, too. I used to say in Palm Springs that there were only a few days of good weather. That it was either too hot or too cold.

What is your favorite weather? Do you mind the cold? Or, is a change of weather something you look forward to?

tree being eaten by wildlife at the roots
Some critter is digging up our trees to eat the roots at night. Any guesses what is doing this?

22 thoughts on “I don’t do cold

  1. I despise cold. That is why my Ass retired in West Central Florida. The Army put me in some of the coldest spots on earth (including a 90 day stint on the Ross ice shelf at the Base of Mt. Erebus, and North Alaska for an exercise called “Brim Frost”). When I lived in Sierra Vista (South of Tucson), it rarely got cold. I think with AZ, Interstate 10 is the weather line…North of it gets damn cold, South of it, not so much.

      • Average temp during that time of year was -40. That surpassed “butt-ass cold” by- 20 degrees. The wife and I (Cupcake) narrowed our choices to retire down to two places: West Central Florida and Southern Arizona (Bisbee, Tombstone, Huachuca City area). In the end, The Gulf of Mexico won out.

  2. Not a fan of cold either. Give me warm, warm, warm. This past week has been the worst in a while and Benny and I get soaked on our walks. I have gloves and a hat and warm puffy rain jacket. I’m going to add a scarf too. I have to walk to let the dog go to the bathroom so I at least have to get out there twice a day.

  3. So, I used to hate winter, but now I’ve learned to be complacent. That has happened since the pandemic. I’m making an effort to appreciate the beauty of each season more. That, and I hate humidity. My ideal weather in the Midwest, would probably be in the spring.

  4. You probably have discovered how I feel about cold weather and you may also be a So Cal Weather Wimp after living here for as long as you did. And judging by your location north of I-10 I’m guessing you don’t live near Phoenix or Tucson.

    • I’m a Palm Springs weather wimp — which is worse than a So Cal weather wimp. I’d freeze at the beach. We are north of Scottsdale with a little elevation. We’re close to Phoenix but have cooler temps.

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