What a week!

I hit the halfway point of my writing challenge at the start of the week.

Actually, not much happened out of the ordinary. But compared to most of my weeks during the past year and a half COVID days, a lot did happen.

Here’s a quick rundown:

I hit my goals for NaNoWriMo this week.

I managed to fit in posting blogs and reading other bloggers worked around my novel writing.

I played lots of ping pong and I sense some improvement.

I went to the Podiatrist and found an In-N-Out only 30 minutes from our house.

I had my first meeting as the official newsletter editor for our HOA. I met three new people who will be working with me to get the newsletter written and produced.

I took Olive the cat to the vet for shots. I had to find a new vet, since she hasn’t been to one in Arizona. I am not a person who regularly takes the cat to the vet. First of all, Olive hates it. She cries incessantly in the car and then she shudders and shakes. She doesn’t need to go to the vet if she’s not sick. But I called the place we boarded her in August to make a reservation for a trip planned in December. They told me one of her shots had expired. We both survived the trip to the vet, barely.

I talked to several of my old friends on long phone conversations after reading the article I posted on the importance of friendships. You can read that HERE if you missed it.

I went to my first NFL game in person.

Today I’m headed to our farmer’s market to get treats for Thanksgiving-week guests and my dad.

cat on a patch of grass in the house
Olive cat on her patch of grass next to pots of cat grass.

Happy Friday!

Have you noticed your weeks getting busier? Is it because we’re leaving COVID behind us? What makes your weeks busier? Or did I just have a one-off week?

15 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. My weeks are not really ever busy anymore. That is either (a) because I have mastered the art of Retirement, or (b) I have mastered the art of procrastination. If it is (b), that is cool, because I am old enough now that I can kick the can down the road far enough to outlast my lifespan.

  2. My weeks are BUSY! I do think part of it is that I got used to the Covid lull, and now ‘normal’ feels busy. But also, the fact that we CAN do things this year that weren’t available to us last year, makes us feel like we really SHOULD. I think we don’t take as much for granted. We know the priviledged might not always be there.

  3. Yay for meeting your writing goal! Cute cat and I agree about vet visits. We don’t take our dog unless he needs his shots. My weeks have been busy getting ready for the two Holiday Boutiques I have. One is this Sunday and the other one is next Saturday. I have a fear/desire/wish of selling out of everything at the first one and having nothing and no time to make things for the second one. LOL Crazy I know.

  4. Yes my weeks are totally getting busier because things are opening up, thereโ€™s tons to do, and my friends are venturing out. Yay!

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