Views from my morning walk

Arizona view of brush and clouds
This is a view from our neighborhood. We’ve had lots of cloudy days lately with rain, thunder and lightening — even a power outage.

I had a bad night’s sleep. My husband and I exchanged some unkind words last night and I just feel down. He’s apologized. I’ve apologized. But I’m in a funk. So, on my road to salvage my mood, I took an extra long walk this morning. I left the neighborhood and walked along the preserve across the street. The skies have been cloudy and the weather stormy. It seems to fit my mood. While I walked, I began to feel better. I remembered the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Here are some of the sights from my morning walk:

blooming cactus
Cactus are blooming again. They must like the monsoons.
saguaro skeleton
This is the skeleton of a Saguaro.
translucent bunny ears
This bunny ran from me in our front yard. I love the translucent ears.
cloudy desert sky
I took a walk outside our neighborhood on the main road this morning. I love the clouds and hope for rain.
Saguaro along the main road.

15 thoughts on “Views from my morning walk

  1. You have an interesting place to walk. I hope you get taken care of today what you want or need to! It appears you would definitely need two cars-one for you and one for your husband to get around.

  2. When I lived in Sierra Vista, south of Tuscon, we used to go on trail hikes, but we took horses. And lots of canteens of water. Hard part was watching for rattlers, mostly because they spooked the horses.

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