A Sadness Like No Other


I can’t stop thinking about the mom who was talking to her daughter on the phone while she was walking to her car on campus the other night. I can’t come to grips with how awful it would be to relive that moment over and over. According to the mom, she heard her daughter yell, “No! No! No!” and that was it. She was afraid her daughter was in a car accident.

Jill McCluskey, mother of Lauren McCluskey and economics professor at Washington State University, shared this statement on Twitter:


My daughter was friends with Lauren. They knew each other from athletics at the University of Utah, because it’s a close-knit community. This was such a tragedy for the entire campus, community and the family. My daughter said that Lauren was so nice! Once Waffles had run away and it was Lauren who found him and brought him back to her. My heart goes out to the McCluskey family. When we send our kids off to school, its with dreams and stars in our eyes for their great futures. We don’t expect anything like this.

Here’s a Go Fund Me campaign started by a fellow student at the University of Utah.  Please think about supporting Lauren’s family.

2 thoughts on “A Sadness Like No Other

  1. I was horrified reading about this in our local paper this morning, and your report and reposting of her mother’s tweet brings it even closer. Such a loss and tragedy. violence is such a terrible approach to anything.

    • It’s heartbreaking. My daughter heard from friends that the campus was on lock down but it wasn’t until the next morning that she found out it was Lauren. I was on he phone with her while she cried and cried.

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