Back in the swim of things



Last evening at the pool.


The past week has been going swimmingly well as far as my knee and recovery go. I’ve returned to walking laps in the pool and it feels great. Last Friday, I tried swimming laps—only a 200 freestyle, but it was a start.

I have my own little routine—and I do mean little. I walk 500 yards, do all my physical therapy exercises and then I swim. At first, swimming feels so tiring, but once I get into a rhythm, it feels wonderful. Today I managed 400 yards. I’m taking it slow and easy. After all, I have had next to zero movement for six weeks since my surgery—and very little since the accident January 2nd. But who’s counting, right?


My handicap steps into the walking lane.


I’m not able to flip turn. My physical therapist, who was a collegiate Big 10 swimmer, told me not to. It’s kind of funny because I’m very fond of big open turns where I lift my head and take a breath. I think I’ll survive without the flip turns. It’s amazing how much getting in the water and looking at our gorgeous mountain, blue sky and palm trees have boosted my mood.

Now that I”m off my crutches, I’m also going for my morning walks. Also, a limited amount, just around the block rather than the three or four miles I used to do. Still, I’m on my way, I can feel it.


Picture from this morning’s walk.

I’m convinced that water, whether it’s the ocean or a pool, provides a healing power. What are your thoughts about swimming and being in the water?


8 thoughts on “Back in the swim of things

  1. I’m so glad you are back in the “swim”
    Of things!!! Yay!
    Your team pool is absolutely beautiful! I️ can’t say enough how breath taking the view is!

    • Thank you, Hollie. Yes, we are so fortunate to have the most beautiful pool and weather! There’s nothing like spending 15 years on deck here as a swim parent and now as a swimmer!

  2. So glad you are progressing so well! So slow in the early post op days and now you are really feeling the acceleration of progress. I love the freedom of movement that water affords–really helps the body to move, with both support and lots of room for flexibility and range at the same time. Welcome back to your home pool–I agree with Hollie, its a rather incredible facility in an amazing setting.

    • Thank you. I was in a down mood yesterday until I walked around the block to experience our neighborhood views. Then after the time in our pool, I was elated. It’s a game changer.

  3. I agree, water is healing. Although I have not competed as an adult, I did as a kid and my son was on high school swim team. I’m hoping my doc releases me to the pool at my appointment this Friday – 5 weeks post surgery. One question – are you kicking, or do you need to use a pull buoy?

    • I started with walking in the water and doing my PT exercises. Now I’ve added swimming freestyle, but only 500 yards. I alternate kicking and using a pool buoy. Also, I’m pushing off the wall with my good leg. I’m slowly going to build on my yards. Let me know how it goes for you!

  4. U lucky fish. I’m useless, was almost swept out to see when I was little and still remember it with clarity. Still petrified but proud of others who swim well. I make a joke that I don’t won’t to frighten the fish… Still petrified.

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