Views from the beach

I loved watching this Vizsla dog and puppy chase a frisbee. I missed the shots where the dog leaped into the air to catch the frisbee with the puppy trailing.
I looked up the prices of homes on this beach. The ones I found start at $20 million up to $100 million.

Where is your favorite beach?

51 thoughts on “Views from the beach

  1. I think my new favorite beach is precisely where you are…love the photos. What else do you need? Doggies playing in the surf, beautiful birds and fabulous homes. That’s my kind of scenery. I’m on my way…save me a seat on the beach and if Kevin or Ashton pop by, give them my best regards. 😎

  2. I miss the sound of the ocean! It’s been way too long since I’ve stood listening and looking at the Pacific, even our gray version up here 🙂 Thanks for that lovely view this morning EA!

  3. I love the beach. Period. Full stop. That said, my favorite is a stretch in Ewa Beach on the island of Oahu. It isn’t the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, but it has a special place in my heart because of conversations with God I’ve had there and memories with my family.

    • I agree with you. I haven’t found a beach I don’t like! Except for the one directly below the house we’re renting and they are recapping an oil well. It’s a nasty mess. So we drive one mile to the one in the photos.

    • Thank you, Wynne! We’ve rented this house since 2018. I had knee surgery, was wearing an ACL brace, and when I walked in the front door and saw steep steps up to the living room, kitchen and bathroom — I wondered what I had been thinking!!! It probably made me stronger. We’ve stayed here every summer since and vacationed in the area for 35 years. Our son met his future wife at UC Santa Barbara.

  4. Wow! Amazing pics and that’s some really expensive beach property. We have a favorite beach near us called Dillion’s Beach, but it’s more about the ability to visit year after year than anything else. All beaches are wonderful.

    • We have rented the same cottage three blocks from the beach since 2018 (the beach I wrote about in the post Changes.) It’s a couple miles down the road from the ritzy beach. Where is Dillon’s Beach?

      • It’s near Bodega Bay in Northern California. We’ve been renting the same place since my kids were very small and celebrated so many birthdays and holidays there. I’ve gone there to grieve and heal too. I know that stretch of beach like my own yard and yet it always always finds new ways to delight and surprise me. I’m glad you have a special place like that too. It makes all the difference.

  5. I looked it up. It’s a little bit more than an hour from where my kids live in Berkeley. Maybe I’ll get there someday. Yes, I’ve always had a place to visit that’s a refuge at the beach, from my childhood until now. The locations changed through the years, but the feeling is the same.

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