Karl to the rescue

old spanish style house
My dream home of 28 years in Palm Springs, built in 1937.

What have your neighbors done for you when you needed help? Do you play that role with any neighbors?

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  1. What a joy to have a neighbor like Karl. We’ve been fortunate to have neighbors/friends everywhere the hubs and I have lived. That sense of community – the nearness of folks to help out in an emergency (just as you described with your dad) or an almost-emergency (food left on the stove). Such a blessing to know you can call someone who can be there in a beat or two. I think I treasure all of that now because I didn’t experience much of it growing up. We were always on the move and I romanticized how nice it would be to stay in place long enough to build relationships with kind neighbors. Cheers to you for the beautiful memory — and good golly. What a stunner of a house. 😎

    • It was nice to have friends and neighbors close by. We were connected through our kids and the swim team. Karl is such a kind unassuming person. Yes, I loved our home of 28 years. It was so unique and had gorgeous views. We were one block from restaurant and shops. But in many ways it wasn’t practical. I could write a whole post about the house!

  2. In my condo building, we’ve all grown beyond being able to pick someone up off the floor. We leave that to the wonderful folks at the fire department who welcome the opportunity to do the honors. God bless them!

  3. For nyc, my floor is really tight. I’d say with the exception of one neighbor, the rest of us totally pitch in, including getting groceries and general help for our elderly neighbor. I realize how lucky we are

  4. It’s great to have a neighbor or two that you can trust especially in emergencies. I don’t have that now, although my son has a key but he’s 30 minutes away. Was Palm Springs impacted by the hurricane that just came through? I keep hearing about LA but nothing else on the local news.

    • Roads were closed and flooded but I haven’t heard of major damage. It was less rain than predicted. We got light rain at the beach. But what scared me was the earthquake in Ojai. They were calling it a hurriquake.

  5. Karl sounds like such a great neighbor. My parents built their current home 30 years ago and most of their neighbors are still the original owners, so I grew up in a very tight-knit group. I think it’s much harder to find nowadays.

  6. First, gorgeous house. Second, yes, in our neighborhood we have a few neighbors like that. We have a key to the next door neighbor’s house and she has ours, just in case.

    • That’s so nice to have neighbors with keys. We don’t have that trust yet in our new neighborhood, but we have a few neighbors to check on our house, packages etc. when we’re out of town. We do the same for them. Yes, it was a beautiful house. I didn’t want to leave and my husband did. I suggested pricing it way over what the realtor suggested and we got four above asking offers in four hours!

  7. What have your neighbors done for you when you needed help? Do you play that role with any neighbors? Neighbors around here are what I describe as “pleasantly indifferent.” They say “Hello” [usually] and that’s it. We’ve been here over 20 years now and I doubt that it’s going to change.

    • Most of our neighbors are like that in our new home. But we’ve lived there for less than three years. I think with Karl we were more than neighbors because of our kids going to school, my friendship with his wife and everyone on the swim team together.

    • We sure miss Karl. We do have our next door neighbor with his new puppy Emma looking after our house while we’re on vacation. I think it takes time to build the relationship we had with Karl and his family.

  8. We live in a neighborhood full of Karls (and Karlas too) and feel very fortunate because of it. Several of us have keys to each other’s homes, which came in handy with our recent crazy storm. One of our neighbors was out of town and asked my husband to close his windows and skylights for him. I feel sorry for those who live in neighborhoods where the neighbors don’t interact.

    Your home in Palm Springs was gorgeous! It must have been hard to leave it.

    • Your neighborhood and neighbors sound wonderful! Ideal. Yes, I hated leaving our home. But the neighborhood has changed, the town has changed. We had a homeless guy who insisted he bought the house and was living in our yard, for example. Crime has escalated. The cost of living was nuts. So, I am happy we got out when we did, although I miss the old home’s beauty and character.

  9. I love these stories about Karl. I worried a little bit that this was going to end with something happening to Karl – so glad it was just celebrating him. You provide such great examples of someone who we know we can call – not just because they’ll help but because they are HAPPY to help. Such an inspiration!

  10. I love Karl, what an incredible person, and you describe his heroic nature so beautifully. We have great neighbors who have been an incredible source of love and support for years. We’re very lucky. And of course, my daughter lives right across the street. Heaven. Hugs, C

    • You are so fortunate to have great neighbors for years, too. We’re starting over in Arizona, but have found some wonderful people close to us — including one of my golf buddies from when the kids were in school. I’d love for my kids to live close by, but they’re sold on the Bay Area.

      • 😊 I left out one of the best things about Karl. His British wit. When our daughters were ten on the pooldeck they were arguing whose dad was taller. Karl approached my husband and they stood back to back! When they swam masters they were competitive down to swim paddles. Karl bought yellow ones, so my husband bought red, which were the biggest. One morning Karl came with black ones that were huge. He made them from cardboard, painted black complete with holes and bands. He put them on in the morning darkness and showed them off to my husband. My husband was like “What are those?!”

  11. What a lovely tribute to good neighbors and Karl in particular. We do have a neighbor we can count on and vice versa. There’s been a good bit of turnover and generally not that close of a neighborhood, unfortunately.

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