That Darn Cat!

Olive who is also known as “The Pretty Kitty.”

I was talking to my dear friend on the phone in my backyard. I heard the door to the casita smash shut with a gust of wind. When I came back inside the house, I walked past the front door on the way to our bedroom.

I noticed that not only the front door was open, the screen door was open too. My heart stopped.

I’ve been told by neighbors when we moved here to keep my cat inside. That’s because of coyotes, bobcats, javelina, owls, snakes and huge hawks. My cat would last an hour, they said.

Shaking, I yelled at my husband. “You left the front door open!”

He insisted he was innocent. But I immediately jumped to blame him, because I knew I didn’t.

I got Olive’s favorite treat out, Lil’ Soup by Friskies.

“Kitty soup!” I yelled and repeated. She always comes running and answers “Meow oop.”


We checked under beds. Then went outside to call “Here kitty, kitty, kitty!”

I was crying. I haven’t been so worried since I lost my last cat who got outside at age 17 at our old house. The neighbor’s dog jumped their wall and killed my cat Sherman who was lounging in the driveway of the empty house next door to them.

Calling and callling, getting more and more frantic, I realized Olive went out our front courtyard and would turn right towards the wash, rather than head to the street. At the side of the house, with both of us calling, she appeared.

She nonchalantly sniffed the gravel, looked at me, then my husband — and ran for her dear life into our courtyard and waited for us to open the front door.

I don’t think she’s going out again soon. She spent the next 12 hours hiding under our bed. She must have smelled something that was threatening to her.

If you have pets, what close calls have you had with them?

This is Olive when I found her trapped inside our SUV. I wrote about her car misadventures HERE.

39 thoughts on “That Darn Cat!

  1. My grandmother had a toy poodle show dog and I remember I got in trouble for letting the 6-lb pup out without a leash. I soon learned that her breeder had a few little show dogs snatched up from their outdoor run by a hawk. Then, my boyfriend’s small family dog survived an attack by a bird of prey (based on injuries), then a few years later was killed by a coyote. It’s a dangerous world out there for the little critters.

    • I’m so glad the toy poodle was okay! I do think the hawks and owls would be the greatest threat. Our cat Olive was indoor outdoor in Palm Springs but there was less wildlife.

  2. Aww, so naughty of her too venture outside. I’m glad she is unharmed and a bit ashamed of her behavior. Perhaps she won’t do it again. 😍😻

    • She got out once before when we opened the door for a walk. She bolted, circled the courtyard and ran back in the house. I don’t think she really wants to be outside.

  3. I had kittens who got stuck under the Dishwasher. I was squirting next to them to get them out, after trying Tuna. The girl came out right away. The boy was drenched after going in the water before coming out.

  4. I took Betty to the dog park one time, and she got out the first gate of the double gate, and then shimmied under the second gate and ran. Someone caught her quickly but I was petrified

  5. Oh, that is so terrifying. I’m so glad she came back and wanted to hide instead of demanding to go out again. And poor Sherman!

    I find it amazing and beautiful how close to our hearts our pets are. There isn’t much that can make me cry faster than a pet in peril whether it be mine, someone else’s, or in a book. So grateful that Olive is okay! <3 <3 <3

    • I’m so relieved that Olive survived. I was heartbroken with Sherman. She would go in and out of the house, but as she got older she never went outside of our yard until that one time. Our hearts are close to our pets. They are family members. 💕

  6. So glad Olive survived her little adventure! I can’t imagine how scared you must have been. My dog Sam once escaped from my mother-in-laws house while they were watching her for a night. She walked all the way home, crossed several very busy streets, and had to twist her way through a large neighborhood to get home. But she did. I can’t imagine what people thought of this 120 pound black dog walking by herself. Glad your story ended well. Hugs, C

    • Isn’t that something that your dog Sam found his way home? Yes, I’m so relieved my kitty is safe! Your story reminds me of when my husband was watching our three-year-old son and our son was missing when I came home. We found him naked a block away walking our large black rottie! I always wondered what people thought about that, too. 😅

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