A sign things are “normal”

backyard downtown Palm Springs
Our old backyard in Palm Springs with a view of Mt. San Jacinto

When we lived in Palm Springs, Calif. which is one of the hottest spots in our nation — next to Death Valley — we used movies as an escape from the heat. It didn’t matter what was playing, we’d find something we were mildly interested in. It got us out of the house where we spent most days.

Then COVID hit and movie theaters were closed. I missed movies a lot. I loved the smell of popcorn when you walk through the theater doors. I loved the few hours sitting in the dark, watching the big screen with unbelievable sound.

I remember writing during the shutdown that the first thing I wanted to do when things reopened was go to the movies.

Fast forward to September 2022 — and we hadn’t been yet. The reason why? I was uncomfortable sitting in the theater with a bunch of strangers. Once we moved, the theater was a 30-minute drive, not a few blocks. The Phoenix area has 6 million people, rather than the 48,000 of Palm Springs. Whenever I looked online, the theaters were full.

Labor Day was packed at the beach. We went early and left when floods of people set up their umbrellas and chairs. We came up with the brilliant idea of going to the movies!

We saw Top Gun. I loved every minute of it. I felt like it was a milestone of getting back to “normal.”

What was first on your list to do post shutdown?

27 thoughts on “A sign things are “normal”

  1. We have not been to a theater in years, mostly for the reasons you listed. Tampa gets hot AND humid, driving people into A/C space or the beaches. Problem is, parents use the theaters as a babysitting service and can be seen dropping of hordes of unsupervised kids in front. There is no way you will get me into a confined space with a mob of unsupervised, undisciplined, un-respectful teenagers who all have cell phones with unlimited text, phone and data, and an overwhelming urge to fight someone. That is what streaming and Redbox eliminate.

  2. I too miss going to the movies. My boyfriend and I used to get cheap tickets a couple times a month. I’d like to get back into that. I’m still very cautious and don’t like crowds though so that hampers some of what I used to do.

  3. We recently went to the movies for our first post-Covid movie – Top Gun! Ha. As soon as I got vaccinated, I insisted on eating out. Damn tired of cooking every single night. (Take out not a really viable option when you live a half hour from town.)

  4. I love going to the movies for exactly the same reason as you! Sound, large screen, and popcorn! The only movie we’ve seen since the pandemic is Top Gun! I thought it was awesome! 💕C

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