Random thoughts

Olive the cat
Olive the cat in the casita.

What’s that sound?

I was sitting in the casita writing with Olive the cat on my lap when “knock knock knock” sounded on the wall. The kitty leaped and tore out of the room. I quickly followed the cat into my husband’s office.

I told him what happened and he went outside to investigate. He came back empty handed, so I guess it was a bird? Maybe a woodpecker.

book cover for Marjorie Post

Book Club

I finished reading my book club selection in a few days. I dedicated time to get it done, plus it was a pleasant, easy read. I was fascinated with the story about the Post cereal heiress and her extravagant life. Her father, C.W. Post, who changed how America ate breakfast with Grape Nuts, raised his only child Marjorie to be a hard worker and ready to take over his business. But as a woman, she didn’t have the right to vote, let alone sit on a Board of Directors. She ran the company, which became General Foods, by proxy — through men including a husband and a friend of her father’s.

I told my husband about the story and he mentioned a TV show called “The Food that Built America.” I watched an episode that included Marjorie Post when she bought Birdseye frozen foods. It also highlighted the dueling Mars and Hershey’s companies.

Movie Day

A neighbor I have never met texted and invited me to her home for movie day. She said the movie is “Lion.” I’ve never seen it, but it sounds interesting. I was instructed to bring a salad. I agreed to go because I am trying everything out to see what I enjoy and to meet people.

A funny thing happened yesterday. This neighbor sent a long winded text going through all the details she’s doing to prepare for movie day –everything from cleaning, cooking to getting her hair done. She sent it to the invitees. Then she texted again embarrassed saying she thought she was texting her daughter!

I have one of the most embarrassing text snafus to share. But I’ll save it for another day!

What are some of the mistakes you’ve made with texts or emails? Have you been on the receiving end of a text error?

37 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Sending the text to the wrong person is a common mistake that I’ve made. I hope you enjoy the movie. Seems a very welcoming gesture.

  2. I have send a text to everyone, also, once. After that, never again. “Reply all” to the teachers in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, I was talking about how uncomfortable I felt being the only American in the car. It was during the time of Egypt’s uprising and I was sitting next to a teacher speaking Arabic who would rant loudly, ‘America……’ I was upset when I send out the text and meant to send it to a few teachers who might know of alternate rides (trip was 40 min) into the desert for me to arrive. Unfortunately, it went out to all the people involved in the program. Whoops!

  3. Glad the book turned out to be something of interest. Movie Day- is that a new concept or an Arizona thing- given the temps you have regularly there it’s not a bad idea! I have a rather unrealistic fear of sending a text to someone that it’s not meant for and saying something not meant for them to read. I think I would actually have to be drunk to do that though or in the midst of a mental break but the idea lingers nonetheless.

  4. It came more like a rant and a Canadian teacher found it necessary to chastise me by telling me how not to hit ‘Reply all.’ Now, I can giggle about it but at the time I was upset.

    • I can imagine you were upset. I think I’ll right a blog post about my big texting mistake. It’s something I can laugh about now, but I was really upset at the time.

      • And I could never find a new ride to the place as only a few teachers were going that way. Kismet. My blog this morning is also labelled “random” Coincidence.

  5. I texted a co-worker a book I was reading called “6 Types of Sex Addicts” and said ‘we need to talk about this.’ lol I thought I was texting my sister :-/

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