Park City views

Park City view
A view from a morning walk of the ski slopes/hiking biking trails in Park City.
The best lobster roll in the world.
Freshie’s lobster roll.

My daughter and I discovered Freshie’s while she was in college at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. We follow a blog Female Foodie that highlights the best food in nine areas of the country, from New York to Los Angelos — and even Salt Lake City. That’s where we first heard about Freshie’s.

Freshie’s won a contest for the “World’s Best Lobster Roll” which is held in Maine. Who knew you could get the best lobster roll in the mountains of Utah? They fly lobster in from Maine daily. If you’re ever in Salt Lake or Park City, Freshie’s is a must.

Bear statue on Main Street Park City, Utah
That’s me hanging out on Main Street, Park City. Main Street is where you’ll find an abundance of shops and restaurants. I posed with this bear and my daughter a few years ago.

Airbnb condo on the ski slopes of Park City.
The airbnb condo where we’re staying. We stayed here in 2020 also, but had our daughter and a sister of our son’s girlfriend staying with us on that trip. That was a much busier week!

Breakfast at Tiffany's art
I really liked this Audrey Hepburn art in a gallery on Main Street. If I had an extra $7,500 laying around, I might have brought it home with me.

I love Audrey Hepburn. I’ve always been a fan since I watched “My Fair Lady” as a young child with my parents. When my kids were ages five and two, I would borrow Audrey Hepburn VHS movies from the library. I laughed so hard when we were watching “Sabrina” and my son said “YOWZA!” when Audrey Hepburn returned from Paris as a beautiful, sophisticated woman.

The heatwave may be over. We’re supposed to get thunder and lightening later today. This view is from the swimming pool with the ski slopes/hiking trails in the background.

Where are your favorite vacation spots? What are some of your favorite old movies and actors?

16 thoughts on “Park City views

  1. Lobster roll looks good, but I guess by fresh you mean never frozen. When you live on the water, “fresh” means you got it at the dock as it was coming off the boat. That picture of you on the bench, is that your husband sitting next to you? 🙂

    • I understand that definition of fresh after growing up in WA with a boat. Freebies has the lobster cooked and shelled and flown out each day. Nope not my husband 😂

  2. Ok…Bora Bora, Hawaii (Maui, big island and Oahu), Zion, paris, Rome, Santorini and Athens, we’re the stars, but I’ve visited many amazing places. Cary grant, Bogart, Katherine Hepburn,

  3. That is a wonderful art piece of Audrey Hepburn. I really enjoyed My Fair Lady as well! I do like Audrey!
    Haha on your son!
    Lobster is delish, haven’t had it for too long!
    The beach is by far my favorite vacation spot! Any beach will do. 🙂 But one of the most beautiful vacations I have been on was going to Vancouver in British Columbia! There license plate says Beautiful and it is so true!! Just an amazing place! Our family would love to go back some day.

  4. Probably a cruise to anywhere. Audrey Hepburn and most of her work as well as most of her contemporaries, especially the females. I’m thinking Sophia Loren, Doris Day, Rita Hayworth, Susan Hayward. I’m sure there are many others.

      • That’s one of my favorites as it featured, if I remember correctly, the always suave Mr. Cary Grant, in addition to your pal Mr. Guardino, who was also a recognizable and probably underrated actor in his time. I think Grant played a similar role in a bunch of other films with a bunch of different leading ladies.

        Guardino was also typecast quite a bit, again if my memory is correct, though probably in a narrower range than Grant due to the differences in their respective “star power.” His roles were usually of the rougher macho variety, though I suspect he may have been different in real life. Was he?

      • I agree with you that Harry Guardino was typecast and didn’t have the star power. I knew him in his last years. He married my ballet teacher (I took ballet up until I turned 50.) She met Harry as a dancer on Broadway. They met in “Woman of the Year” which they were in with Lauren Bacall. Harry and my friend Elyssa married soon afterward. Harry seemed very nice and he was a great father to their two young sons.

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