Too many emails

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My brother and me before anyone had heard of emails.

Is anyone else suffering from a deluge of emails? I get hundreds every day.

I scan through them and delete them in batches of 100 or more. I can’t go through them one by one. It would take up hours each day.

Then I end up deleting the one or two emails that were important.

My son set me up with an email program that had folders that emails automatically went into. For example, all the WordPress emails ended up in the “Social” folder. My inbox would be small and manageable. Unfortunately, this savvy email program went belly up.

So, I’m back to wading through the dredges of advertisements. I find it annoying.

I feel like all the ads we get is defeating the value of emails. I unsubscribe, but the emails keep coming. I’ve never successfully unsubscribed from anything.

What are your thoughts on email? Do you have the same issue with too many and losing the important ones in the crowd? Any suggestions or solutions?

12 thoughts on “Too many emails

  1. I set up three folders a LONG time ago….primary, social and promotion. I get hundreds in the promotion, but just go in and check the “all” box and hit delete. I get almost as many in the social, but do the same…delete all. My primary folder might get 2-3 a day, and those are the ones I pay attention too.

  2. I have three email accounts…1 for personal friends, 1 for the other stuff and 1 for my blog. I am really good about unsubscribe…if I find myself never reading something I just unsubscribe. That being said, I still get probably two hundred emails a day. I try to delete things I don’t need quickly

  3. I have several email accounts and some I use specifically if I think I’ll be getting a lot of emails. i am now getting a ton from the Democratic party…

      • All comments from “WordPress” as a sender are flagged as spam. I haven’t received one in my inbox since.

        I also believe there is a feature in WordPress that allows you to avoid receiving alerts when a comment is made.

  4. I downloaded the unroll me app. It detects emails from lists and I choose to keep or delete them. I think it sends an unsubscribe to them but many of them end up now just going straight to trash. I still get over a hundred a day. I do have a personal email address that is separate from the one I use for places where I would get spam and such

  5. I had to stop and read this because I’m currently wading through hundreds of emails. I use one for blog post subscriptions, one for my own blog business, one for my personal email and then there’s my Oulook email for work which only lets me retain a certain number of emails before it jams. So I feel your pain!

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