It’s all about simple pleasures

red cardinal in a tree
A cardinal enjoying our backyard.

There have been a few heartwarming and joyful moments the past few days that I captured with my iphone camera.

Several were simply watching our cat Olive. Then I spotted a bright red cardinal sharing a branch in a tree alongside 10 quail. I missed getting that photo, but I did manage to get the cardinal sitting by himself and quail enjoying the bird feed I put down.

pretty kitty staring at me
While I was reading, Olive sat and stared at me.
I never get tired of quail watching.

Nothing big and exciting has happened this week so far. But It’s been a a nice week of walking, reading, writing, ping pong and enjoying the quiet moments with the cat and wildlife.

Ten-year-old Olive is playful with tiny catnip mice. I laugh watching her, especially when they get stuck in her polydactyl claws.

How is your week going? What are your highlights so far?

Look who came back to visit?

15 thoughts on “It’s all about simple pleasures

  1. December 7th, my sister sent a small Cardinal Figurine. It was suppose to arrive before Christmas in honor of our Mother. It arrived in Italy today. And your Post also appears today. What a Coincidence ? Ciao.

      • Usually lots of places do special menus, but had trouble locating. The place were going tonight is supposed to have a special thing, but we’ll,see. Otherwise we will just have great food anyway

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