Sunrise views

We woke up to a cloudy day, which turned spectacular once the sun peeked over the horizon. My husband and I both ran outside with our iPhones and began snapping away. I was curious to compare our photos because our phones have different cameras. I use an iPhone SE that doesn’t have as advanced camera as my husband’s iPhone 12. His phone is a year old, mine is two year’s old and not as big or fancy.

Two of my photos of sunrise yesterday morning.
I like the reflection in the pool.

I took my photos on firm ground, while my husband stood on a table outside to get his view. We both have our own point of view for our photos.

Sunrise photos from my husband iPhone. Same sunrise but different perspectives.

I think both our iPhones capture the spectacular view. But his iPhone produces photos that look more like a painting than mine. I think he has the ability to zoom in, while I do not.

Post sunrise, we are left with a cloudy day.

Do you use your phone for photos now instead of carrying a camera? Which photos do you like the best? Mine or my husband’s? Be honest, please. Or, can you tell any difference between the two iPhone cameras? Also, can you believe how amazing our sunrises are here? I thought they were gorgeous in California, but Arizona’s are truly breathtaking.

25 thoughts on “Sunrise views

  1. There are slight differences but none that make me say one is better than the other. If I go the botanic gardens or in nature or am on vacation, I take my real camera. I want those pictures uploaded onto my computer. For pictures I am going to put on my Sunday blog and then delete, I use my phone

    • I took photography in college pre digital cameras. I was going to take a class in 2020 but it didn’t happen due to COVID. I only use my phone, but would like to take a photography class sometime so I feel more skilled and comfortable with my camera.

  2. I used to bring my Canon all the time to concerts but the last couple I only had my phone and still was able to get good pictures. May depend on how far away we sit though.

    Your sunrises are gorgeous. I can occasionally catch some like that, and some sunsets. I have an iPhone 8+. Like LA, there are subtle differences between the two of yours but not enough for me to need to go out and get a new phone. I love the one you took with the reflection.

  3. Those pictures are beautiful!

    Honestly, I can’t tell much difference between pictures taken by different phones or cameras.
    Personally, I haven’t even used a camera separate from a phone in several years. I think I still have a digital camera somewhere in my storage closet, but it’s buried deep and hasn’t been touched except to get packed and unpacked in moves.

    • I haven’t used my digital camera in several years either. And after our move to AZ, I’m not sure where it is. I’d like to learn how to use it though. So maybe I’ll dig it out.

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