It’s that time of year….

I’ve noticed changes during my morning walks. A few homes have Christmas decorations. Because of our desert locale, the decorations are so very different than the ones I’d see in Southern California. In both homes, we were in the Sonoran Desert, but this end of the desert is wild, while Palm Springs was tamed and manicured. The yards and decorations in Palm Springs were traditional strings of lights along eves and a few inflatable Santas.

The weather has gotten colder and cups are placed on cactus (cacti?) in our new neighborhood. The cactus can freeze and die from the top. That’s why we use styrofoam cups to give them a little insulation. We moved here December 15 last year and I was spending countless trips to grocery and hardware stores unable to find anything styrofoam. Amazon to the rescue.

cactus wearing styrofoam cups for the cold weather
The community cacti are decked out in styrofoam to protect them from cold weather.

saguaro cactus wearing Santa caps.
A neighbor has dressed up their saguaro in Christmas hats. I like the simplicity.
Christmas decorations in the Sonoran Desert.
This yard is all decked out!
Reindeer and Santa light display.
I’ll have to go back at night to get the full effect of this display.
Cactus with cups
Another cupped cactus.

What type of displays do you see in your neighborhood? Do you think there are more or less displays than pre COVID days? Do you put up lights or decorations?

My one Christmas decoration out besides poinsettias. I bought this in the 1990s at Target and love it.

17 thoughts on “It’s that time of year….

  1. You have the same issues we have. Forecast for Christmas day? 80 and sunny. We are talking golf weather, in shorts. Hard to get into the Christmas spirit when the only ice you see is in the cooler, chilling your beer at the beach and Mrs. Clause is running around in Spanx.

  2. We have few decorations, only the tree really, in the house and a little bit of lights on the outside. I love to see other people’s houses all decorated but don’t want the hassle of doing it myself. I have a miniature village set but I haven’t put it out in years. There is no room in the house without rearranging all the furniture LOL. Interesting about the cacti. I have seen people put blankets over their plants around here but wouldn’t have thought that cacti needed it. Cute Santa.

  3. Oh my, the Arizona landscape must be so different for you, beautiful in it’s own way but I imagine not the same as Palm Springs. Those styrofoam cups are news to me, I’ve never heard of that, see, learning something new every day! xx, C

    • Palm Springs is gorgeous, but this is too in a much wilder way. There are so many more plants and cactus here. Yes, the styrofoam cups are interesting. It’s a challenge to get them on and off without getting scraped or poked.

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