Views from my visitor’s eyes

I had so much fun showing off my new home to my guest this week. I had the company of my sister-in-law to visit thrift shops, consignment stores and an outdoor mall called Scottsdale Quarter. We went out to lunch, had fun sitting around talking until late in the night — (anything past 8 p.m. is late to me!) We hiked, walked and swam in the pool.

We took her to the lake last night. She loved it and said she’s coming back with her husband. They have a boat and spend summer days on a lake.

We watched sunsets and of course the wildlife with our bobcat as the highlight. It was interesting to view my home of nine months through the eyes of someone who has never been here before. It was like seeing it for the first time.

These are the photos she took with her Android. I have an iphone SE and my camera isn’t nearly as good!

Saguaro at Lake Bartlett
Bartlett Lake near our home. My sister-in-law loved the juxtaposition of mountains, saguaros and water.
Lake views in Tonto National Forest
The lake is in the Tonto National Forest. Weekdays hardly anyone is there. The weekends are packed.
Bartlett Lake Arizona
We had a lot of rain in August and the water level looks better.
Sunset view from Raven's View
We went to a wine bar for a light dinner called Raven’s View. This was the sunset view.
Arizona sunset
It was a gorgeous sunset.

What are your favorite things about having guests? Do they stay with you or nearby? Do you like to cook for them? If you do, what do you like to prepare? If not, where do you like to go out?

8 thoughts on “Views from my visitor’s eyes

  1. I had a fabulous time visiting with you and my brother, I had no idea how beautiful the scenery is around your home. Loved the visits, the Quail, the Bobcat and of course Olive. I love to cook for my guests, can’t wait fir you to be one.

  2. I don’t really have guests. Apartment too small, and nyc can be prohibitively expensive. But I love the yearly jaunt to my friends shore house!

  3. I appreciate the idea of how guests perceive your area when they visit. When we have visitors, it helps me appreciate where we live even more.

    As far as who stays with us, I believe it depends on the guest that stays with us or the length of the stay. However, if we only have one guest, they normally stay at our house.

    • It was fun to see our scenery through a new person’s eyes. There are a few people we will stay with, but mostly we like our own space. That’s the way it is with our friends and family, too.

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