Quiet time outside with kitty

cat asleep on pet grass.
Olive is sound to sleep today on her pet grass next to boxes of grass I’m growing for her.

Yesterday as I recovered from my big day of DIY with sore muscles, I decided to put the harness and leash back on Olive, our 10-year-old cat. Olive used to spend half her time outside until we moved. Now that we’re living with a bobcat, hawks, coyotes and other wildlife, we’ve been advised to keep the cat inside.

I ordered a harness and leash online when a friend who lives nearby said it worked for her cat. I’ve tried it a couple times and it’s been a disaster. I don’t know why I thought about giving it another try, but I did.

cat in harness and leash
Olive wearing the harness and leash.

Olive seemed more comfortable yesterday. She sat on my lap, nose sniffing, ears moving in rhythm with birds chirping. Her tail twitched. I moved from the comfort of the cozy outdoor chair at the table to our patio bar. There’s a saguaro with baby woodpeckers living inside across from the pool. They make loud chirping noises when their parents are gone and there’s also the excitement of the parents coming in and out to feed them. I thought it would be a lively place to sit with Olive to have an unobstructed view of the action and sounds.

Where Olive wanted to jump on the bar for a better view of the woodpecker’s nest in the saguaro.

She leaped from my lap to the bar. I grabbed her mid leap and ended up with a bloody scratch on my thigh. I don’t know why I didn’t give her the freedom to make the leap. She was on a leash after all. But it was my instant reaction to protect her.

We sat for a while longer and I think we both enjoyed the quiet time outside just listening and observing nature. At least I know I did.

Do you get outside to sit, listen and watch? I’m finding it very peaceful and entertaining. What are your favorite views?

7 thoughts on “Quiet time outside with kitty

  1. There is an enormous pine tree that I can see from our garden. Pine trees are unusual here and it reminds me of the Catskills where I grew up. We had enormous pine trees in our yard. We have running water in our backyard which is nice to listen to and soothing. Later on today, the winds will be strong.

  2. If I ever get another cat, I would keep it indoors like I did my last one. It protects them from what is outside AND protects what’s outside from them. I love “my” birds and lizards and wouldn’t want a cat to get a hold of them. I think the harness is a great compromise. I’m glad that Olive seems to have warmed to it.

    • She seems to put up with it and enjoy being outside. Our goal is to build a “catio” so she can climb out a window and sit outside protected.

  3. I just love that cat grass. It makes me smile because you love your pets just as much as we do. Also, we got that same harness for our puppy because of your suggestion. So every time we take him for a walk, I think of you! 🙂

    For whatever reason, our backyard has provided us with a lot of entertainment this summer. I love spending time out there every day. Maybe because of the new puppy. LOL

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