More Spring blooms

Every week I get a new treat for my senses. Since this is my first Spring in Arizona, I keep seeing more plants bust out with flowers. I took these photos this morning in our back yard and around our neighborhood. I’m trying to learn the names of the native flora so I downloaded an app where I can snap a photo and it gives me the Latin and common name. But it’s hit and miss and many times the information is obviously wrong.

On a hike this weekend at the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy we picked up a book called “Wildflowers, Butterflies and More.” It’s a flora photo ID guide by photographer Marianne Skov Jensen for the conservancy. She has it organized by color, so you can flip through the white, yellow, blue or pink or red flowers for easy identification.

I think this is a prickly pear cactus.
The is a type of geranium that began blooming a month ago.
My plant app calls this Erthrostemon gilliesii.
Aloe plants in bloom.
I’m not sure of the type of cactus, but I love the white and pink flowers.

If anyone can help identify these plants, cactus and flowers, I’d love the help!

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